Steven Universe: Soundtrack Attack

I’ve only played this app a couple times, but when I play it, I can’t seem to make myself stop. It’s a blast to play, and is Steven Universe, so it’s fantastic!

Soundtrack Attack is an app that I found when I opened up the App Store to update some of my current apps. I didn’t know it existed, but I’m glad I found it, because it really is an awesome app! It’s kind of Steven Universe’s version of guitar hero, except guitar dad isn’t your instructor.

You start by designing your gem; a quartz, pearl, or ruby. I chose quartz because I love my strong girls, and I went with a lighter jasper. Then, you can choose their outfits, hairstyle, and human accessory (mine has a hoodie). As you go through the game you earn coins, and the coins can be used to purchase new wardrobe and hair options.

The game itself is very guitar hero meets side scroller. A diamond is after your gem, and the Crystal Gems are here to help! They teach you different “moves” (actions with your fingers) to race away from the diamond. You race through Steven’s Universe, and “play” songs from the show (that are all edited to not sound exactly like they do in the soundtrack) to get away from the diamond.

I’m most of the way through these stages, and loving this. I really appreciate that you can change your gem at any time, and having each gem is a different save. I love this app!

The biggest bummer for me is that I need sound to play it. I think I could play it without sound, but being able to hear the music makes it much easier to hit the beats. But the app is free, and you should check it out! There are ads, but sometimes you can use them to get double coins for buying cool outfits!












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