Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Much like many of you, I’ve seen the trailer for Ready Player One to pop up before movies. The movie looks extra to the nth degree, and when I was talking about it with a coworker, she recommended the book. She swore by it to the point of bringing in her copy for me the next day, and I just finished it this morning. The book was far more appealing than what I’ve seen of the movie trailer, which really isn’t surprising, but I can see where some of the pieces cross over.

Ready Player One is about an online, virtual world called OASIS. In OASIS, you can create an avatar who can do almost anything. When the creator of the OASIS passes away, he wills OASIS to the first avatar who can find the three keys, and beat the three gates attached to them.

The avatar that we follow is named Parzival. His real name is Wade Watts, but since his life exists almost solely inside of OASIS, his real name is of very little consequence. We follow him through the world as he finds the first key, and then struggles with the in-game and real world repercussions. It’s far more interesting than I anticipated.

I was definitely put off by the movie trailer, and the Huffington Post quote on the back (…the grown up’s Harry Potter). And honestly, the first 50 – 60 pages are a kind of slow build, and had me worried that I wouldn’t enjoy the book. But once it got moving, it moved.

I really did enjoy Ready Player One, and am intrigued by the movie. It will definitely not be as good as the book, because they never are, but I think there is a lot of possibility with this story, and I hope justice is done with it.











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