Pink Bath Bomb from Lush

This is the final of my trials from the newest line from Lush. There are plenty more for me (and you) to try, plus our friend Amanda has a review of one of the newest products coming up in the next couple weeks.

Pink is a bath bomb that I was a bit intimidated by at first. It’s relatively large, glittery as heck, and since I placed my order online, I couldn’t smell it beforehand. But once this big bad boy arrived, I knew I would love it.

Pink is incredibly sweet. It reminds me a bit of the Experimenter (that’s the tonka in it), and it feels like its going to rot your teeth. It smells beyond incredible, and I know that if I had been in store purchasing, I would have come home with several. Sweet isn’t my priority with most Lush products; I tend to enjoy their more woodsy, masculine scents (also spicy scents). But this really won me over.

Not only does it smell incredoble, but it feels good too! Pink put on a lovely show in the tub while turning my skin super soft. I felt very silky and ready for bed when I got out of that bath. I was also super sparkly when it was over, but my tub didn’t require a bunch of work to free it from the glitter; it washed away more easily than it has in the past.

Pink is the perfect magical girl bath bomb. I felt very Usagi, soaking in glittery, pink waters, smelling of sweets. I highly recommend you check out this, along with the other products in Lush’s new line!











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