Elbow Grease Lotion from Lush

I am such a lover of Lush products. From lotions to shampoos, I’ll buy and try anything they make. One of their most recent products, the new Elbow Grease lotion, I picked up a sampler of because of one specific reason; it rejuvenates the look of tattoos.


Like many, I have a tattoo (and I want about seven more I have them all planned out). Mine started in 2010 and had a part of it added in 2012. It’s a tribute to my grandfather who passed away while I was in college. He taught me how to play poker, and so I got the card shapes as outlines and two years later added his initials.

Because the tattoo is now 7 years old, it’s looking a little faded. Not terribly but enough. Here’s how it looks normally, before I use the lotion.

IMG_20170823_072605 (2)

I heard about Elbow Grease on Twitter, and noticed that they specifically mentioned it helps tattoos look bright again. So I thought what the hell I’ll give it a shot. I went to my local Lush and one of the women with tattoos showed me how well it works. I got a sampler (they were all sold out at that time) and any time my tattoo shows I put on some Elbow Grease to brighten it up.


If you have a tattoo that needs to look a little brighter and sharper, I highly recommend grabbing a jar of Elbow Grease. It feels smooth, it smells wonderful, and it definitely works.











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