Fire Emblem Awakening

This is a game for the 3DS primarily, as are some of the other games in the Fire Emblem series. I know this game has been out for a few years. But I just finished it. And I absolutely fell in love with not only it but the entire series.

fire emblem 1

Fire Emblem Awakening focuses on the kingdom of Ylisse ruled by the exalt Emmeryn. Emmeryn’s siblings, Chrom and Lissa, find a stranger with amnesia in the woods and before they can question the stranger (who is you the player, the avatar you’ve created), they find a village under attack. You are pulled into an age long war not only between kingdoms but between the gods themselves.

That’s the most basic plot description I can give. As for gameplay, it’s all strategy based. You are the tactician and you must figure out where to move your army each turn. Do you want this person to attack? Should these two characters pair up and become stronger together? Is this person too weak to fight right now?

fire emblem 2

Not only that, but the game is filled with important choices. As you play, you build up a whole team so that eventually you must choose who to place in battle and who should sit this one out. There’s the barracks feature, where characters either find EXP or an object or sometimes strengthen their relationships. And there’s the support feature, where after a pair has done really well in battle together they can chat and through conversation become stronger and stronger until they either reach the highest level of friendship or even get married.

I loved the choices that I got to make throughout the game. It makes it so that I can go through it all over again and potentially have a whole different gameplay if I change who I pair in battle or who I choose to recruit to my team. And believe me, I’ll be making new choices as I go through again.

If you own a 3DS but you’re unsure if this is for you, try out the free demo and see. It takes you through the first few chapters, introduces you to a minimum of the characters, and gets you a good feel for the gameplay. Plus the graphics and full story are just so beautiful in my opinion.











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