The Book of Barb by Nadia Bailey

Last week I went to the bookstore in hopes of grabbing 2 or 3 books to bring with me on my trip. Since I hadn’t been to a bookstore in ages, I left with 10 books, in hopes of keeping myself happy for awhile. The first one I read is from the comedy section, and is The Book of Barb.

With Stranger Things returning in just under 2 months, of course I’m excited. But there’s one character who many of us miss, but won’t be joining us. It’s ,Barb, everyone’s favorite wing woman and best friend. But since she’s gone, we’ll have to make do with this book.

It isn’t a fancy book, and it isn’t long. It’s a brief history of Barb, with some fun bits thrown in. There’s tutorials on the perfect manicure, breakdowns of Barb’s outfits, and recreations of scenes from the show.

This book is a unique type of awesome. The world really latched on to Barb; she goes her own way, but is fiercely loyal to Nancy. It’s understandable why we want to emulate her. And this book pushes the Barb love further. It took me about 20 minutes to read, but I’m glad I bought it. It’s a fun read, and I recommend it for all of the Stranger Things (and Barb) fans in your life!











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