LUSH Creative Showcase

Last week I had the incredible pleasure of visiting Ireland and England with my mum. We went to Leaky Con in Ireland, attended a couple fantastic tours, and headed to England for the Warner Brothers Studio Tour (all the Potter things). A couple days before we left, I was on the LUSH UK site, and saw ads for the Creative Showcase. Thinking it was worth checking out when it was happening, I clicked and found out it would be open to the public the day before we left England! I grabbed tickets and got super pumped.

Now, being a fan of conventions, I thought it would be just like a regular con. I thought there would be simple booths set up in a large hall, and you could buy different types of Lush products in different areas. In part, I was right; it was a way to sell LUSH merchandise and bath products. But it was also so much more than that. It took place in 3 separate locations (we only went to the one, but there was more than enough to do there), and the building we were in had 4 levels of LUSH experience. There was an area for new releases (specifically Halloween and Christmas) which also had a Christmas photo spot. There were areas for all of the types of products; hair, soap, shower (where there were actual showers to try products, on your arm, not your naked body!), masks, bath, and all sorts!

One of the things that I was most excited about was the instructions lead by the compounders. They showed and helped people make bath bombs and bubble bars, and then you got to keep your creation! I made 2 Christmas Sweater bath bombs, a Secret Arts jelly bath, a Two Front Teeth bubble bar, and a Magic of Christmas bubble bar. I also made a bath melt called Furze that got squished, but I’m still excited to use it.

I also bought some Halloween and Christmas products, both at the Showcase and at Oxford Street, but I’ll be going into all of those later.

There was also a couple areas for talks (like panels), and some of them were broadcasted across the main space. We did a Craftivism activity, where we learned about the importance of crafting for activism! It was a lot to take in, but it focused on how doing a craft slowly (and sometimes publicly) can help you to really think about what goal you’re working towards, and can get other people interested as well.

There was so much to be done at the Creative Showcase. It was full of incredible opportunities, folks dressed as the new products, bubble fives (high fives with bubbles in your hands), slides, and more! I had a blast, and will be sharing some more photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!











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