I just finished one of the greatest anime I’ve watched. It’s part of an entire series of stories, and I will for sure be continuing the stories. This one, the prequel to all that comes after, is called Fate/Zero. And it’s beautiful.

fate zero 1

Fate/Zero, and the entire Fate/ series, focuses on a specific battle for the Holy Grail. There are seven Masters, those who have mastered magic and can call upon their Servants. The seven servants are mythical historical figures such as King Arthur and Gilgamesh. So already I was hooked with the myth and history aspect.

From what I’d heard about Fate/Zero, it was almost guaranteed to fall in love with the characters. The writing and voice acting is so well done, I couldn’t stop myself from falling. And I couldn’t help feeling betrayed when ones I’d loved or found intriguing turned out to be evil. And I definitely couldn’t control myself as I neared the end of the series and no one I loved was safe.

fate zero 2

The writing is so wonderful – each character, whether historical or fictional, became so, so important to me that when they inevitably died (it is a war after all) I wept for them or I was glad their evil couldn’t return. Every new trait I learned added so much to the character, no matter how small the detail.

What I loved most though was how one of the most annoying characters in the beginning became my favorite character of the whole series. His growth was gradual and small, but within one of the very last episodes he went from being kind of alright to destroying my heart with absolutely no mercy in the span of about 15 minutes. I don’t want to spoil who it is, but be on the lookout if you watch this.

Fate/Zero became an instant favorite of mine. I only hope the rest of the Fate/ series can live up to it.











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