Bioré Charcoal Pore Strips

I did it. I fell for the charcoal craze. I know that it actually does help with acne; African Black Soap is one of my all time favorite products, but I also know that there’s only so much charcoal you can cram into one particular beauty item. But I bought myself pore strips regardless. I like the pore strips, even though I don’t use them super often. They’re a bit of a “treat yo’self” item; I usually have a box at home but only use them once or twice a month when the black heads are at their worst. 

Pore Strips are theses bizarre strips that you plaster across your (clean and wet) nose or forehead. You then sit for 10-15 minutes and let it harden (and attach itself to the gunk in your pores). Then, you pull it off and pray that it looks like a miniature city (then you know it’s actually pulling junk out). You then wash your face with cold water to close your pores, and move on like you didn’t just (basically) duct tape your face clean. If you’ve never used Pore Strips, try it. It’s definitely an experience (and you get to revel in how gross skin is).

I bought the charcoal strips because I believe in charcoal and also in my right to make foolish decisions. I honestly could not tell a difference between these and regular pore strips, save a few things. The strip is black instead of white (because charcoal), they smell a bit different, and the price. They’re a bit more expensive than regular pore strips ($5.99 for 6 strips VS $5.99 for 8 regular strips), and they honestly don’t do any more than the regular ones.

Cool focus, bro.

They pull stuff out of your face; there really isn’t more to it than that. It’s a very silly experience, but (much like peelable face masks) they feel like they’re doing something. Seeing all of the gunk you can yank out of your nose is weirdly satisfying, and Bioré seems to be making a killing off of it. So if you haven’t use Pore Strips at all in your life, I recommend checking them out. Don’t forget to wash your face with hot water before putting the pore strip on (open those pores friend), and cold water after (seal ’em up).

If you do purchase pore strips, know that they are a temporary fix, but sometimes that really is all you need. Heck, maybe if I used them consistently I would have a better looking nose. But here we are.











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