Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner

While I’d like to say that I’m not picky about my shampoo and conditioner, I’m aware that saying that would make me a liar. So yes, I am picky; my hair is finicky and I’d like it to just stay out of my face, and look alright. I don’t think it’s the biggest request, but with relatively fine, curly hair, it’s a big request.

I saw an advertisement on Facebook a couple months back for Function of Beauty; a brand that makes shampoo and conditioner for specific people. I thought it might be a big fat load, but for science(and also my hair), I decided to check it out. Checking it out took a bit longer than I anticipated; I had to fill out a survey about my hair type, figure out 5 things I wanted these products to help me with, and choose colors and scents.

It was a process. I felt accomplished after finishing, though. I shelled out the $36 almost begrudgingly, and waited. My hair care products got here pretty quickly, and they came in an adorable teal box. I opened it to find bottles filled with gorgeous, pearlescent liquid; one teal (shampoo), and one pink (conditioner). I’ve been using them for a couple months now, and I love them.

Under the insert with my information and hair products were pumps, so I can more properly ration my products.

Having beauty products catered directly to you is a dang fancy feeling. The bottles say my name on them and I feel cooler when I use them. I only shampoo twice a week, so that is a fair bit more full than the conditioner (I also just siphoned off some conditioner for my upcoming trip), but I use these daily because they work so well.

I don’t use hair product after the shower anymore. I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but living in a humid place with curly hair is a challenge, even with products. But somehow (probably because I said I wanted help with my frizzy hair) this conditioner helps to the point of not needing spray or mousse after the shower. That’s incredible to me.

I really love my Function of Beauty set. I love everything about it; the colors, scents, and what it does for my hair. I’m excited to keep purchasing from them, and I’m glad that I can order just the conditioner next time. But these bottles last quite a long while, so I won’t need to do it all that soon anyways. If you’re interested in checking out Function of Beauty, you can click the link here and see their stuff for yourself.











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