Star Trek Discovery

I was raised on Star Trek. As a baby, I’d watch the Original Series reruns and new episodes of Next Generation. I have very distinct memories of watching the finales of DS9 and Voyager. I enjoyed Enterprise as a teenager. And now, as an adult, I get to watch an all new Star Trek – Star Trek Discovery.

discovery 1

Discovery’s main character isn’t the captain this time around. Set 10 years before the original series, Discovery focuses on First Officer Michael Burnham, a human raised on Vulcan. She tries to stay logical but those pesky human emotions get in the way most of the time. Especially when her ship comes across the Klingons in the first encounter between human and Klingon in 100 years. From the first episode, it’s obvious Michael has a dark past with the Klingons. Can she approach this logically or will humanity win out?

As with other Star Trek series, the beauty is in the side characters. My favorite after only one episode is Lt. Saru, an all new alien. His species is known for seeing the worst in situations, and he says they evolved to sense the coming of death. He’s played by the incredible Doug Jones, one of my favorites. I can’t wait for more from Saru.

discovery 2

As you may have noticed, I’ve only seen one episode. I loved this episode, it gave me high hopes for the series. But CBS is making the series (minus this episode) exclusive to their subscription service. Meaning any Star Trek fan who wants to watch the new series has to pay CBS in order to do so. To me, this is ridiculous for various reasons.

Every other Star Trek has been aired like normal on TV, except this one. It really makes it seem like CBS is using Star Trek fans to get money. I’ve seen fans on both sides – those who will happily sign up and pay in order to see this new show, and those who think it’s bull and refuse to. I’m in the second camp. I think it’s absolutely a ploy by CBS to use Star Trek fans to gain money. I tried to look up a reason for this decision, to see what CBS had to say for itself, and what I found was an explanation that made little sense to me. The reasoning was that sci-fi is not a category doing well on TV right now and finding sponsors for ads would be difficult.

There are two main issues with this. One, it’s a new Star Trek. Millions would be tuning in. Finding sponsors for a new Star Trek doesn’t seem all that hard. Second, one of the CBS subscription options is to have limited commercials. Wouldn’t that mean still having to find sponsors?

Their decision and reasoning is ridiculous to me. Does that mean I’ll never cave and subscribe so I can continue my Star Trek love? No, most likely I will and I will love every minute of it. I’m thrilled that there’s new Star Trek in the world. I just wish it was actually freely accessible to everyone.










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