Lost Boy by Christina Henry

I bought this book for a couple, specific reasons. First of all, I love the story of Peter Pan. The idea of an island where you can be carefree and young always is incredible. Second, I love reimaginings. I loved Gregory Maguire’s books, I’ve enjoyed Disney’s villain books, they’re all interesting. So I grabbed Lost Boy, the story of Captain Hook.

I powered through Lost Boy because it is incredible. It’s a young adult novel, so it’s a fairly easy read as an adult, but it hits some incredibly dark notes. It seems most iterations on Peter Pan are far more dark than the Disney movie let’s on (even though that isn’t super fun to rewatch as an adult). Lost Boy gets into the darkest stuff; the Boys play Battle to solve problems, and Battle ends when a boy is dead.

I think the most important (and dark) piece in this story is how Peter sees the Boys as disposable. It’s scary to think that anyone could feel this way, but for someone who can’t die, it almost makes sense. He is unaffected when the Boys die, and leaves Jamie (Captain James Hook) to bury and clean up the mess.

Don’t read this if you’re entrenched in how wonderful Peter is. You will definitely be disappointed and won’t enjoy the book. But if you love the idea of Neverland and like the possibility of seeing how it works, I highly recommend this book. There’s pirates, adventure, monsters, and death. Plus you get to see how Captain Hook was once Peter’s favorite Lost Boy.

I really enjoyed this book, specifically for the darkness. I feel like it’s rare that we get to see Peter in a negative light; sure, in Hook no one is happy with him at the beginning, but by the end everything is alright. Not in this. We see how bitter and dangerous someone who lives forever can be, and why you can’t trust everything you hear.











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