Lushmas 2017 Part 1

Fangirls, we’re coming up on the most wonderful time of the year; when Lush releases their holiday products! I know we just got through the Lushoween Haul, but since I got to go to the Creative Showcase where all of this stuff was released, I had to share my buys with you!

Before we get too deep into this, I need to let all of you know that Part 2 will not be coming out next week, as I’ve got to give my skin some detox time. I’m hoping to get that out to you the following week, but most of the products are here for now!

I started with Plum Snow, a beautiful bubble bar. I have never used Plum Rain, so I have no way to compare the scents, but I know they are supposed to be the same. It’s an incredible scent and gives an incredible bath. I felt fruity and hydrated when I got out, and this bubble bar is absolutely massive, so I’ll be getting at least 5 baths out of it!

Next I tried Christmas Cracker, another bubble bar. I know this is not new for many of you, but it was new for me. I used half of mine, since it broke in transit (and I’m proud that it was the only one that did!), and it gave way to a gorgeous orange bath full of citrus and popping candies! I always love when there are popping candies in products because it makes the bath even more fun than I thought it would be.

Next, I tried out Magic Wand, which I hadn’t realized was a Halloween product. Sorry all! I think this soap was my least favorite scent of the soaps I purchased, and it was a gorgeous grapefruit. It is an incredibly soft soap, so it pushes pretty easily. If you cut your soap when it’s home (so you can use more in a shorter period of time), I highly recommend that you cut this the way they do at Lush; in a circle. The exterior ring on this soap is very exfoliating, and not something you want to miss out on.

After that, I tried out Shooting Stars soap. I feel like I’ve been seriously missing out on doing Lushmas right; I always go for the Snow Fairy stuff (which we will get to, don’t fret), but there are a ton of bright, citrus scents! This is a lovely lemon-lime scented soap with a hint of sparkle to get your day started merry and bright. I really enjoyed this bar, and I will most likely be grabbing another before the season ends.

Another fantastically citrus-filled soap is Christmas Citrus! This soap smells differently from Shooting Stars, and I think that’s because Stars has starfruit and this doesn’t. I like this one even more than Stars, and I’ll be grabbing a massive chunk of this when it hits US stores. It’s beautiful and I can not get enough of it.

I promised we’d get to Snow Fairy, and we did! This is the Snow Fairy Cold Pressed Soap. It is a little different in consistency from the regular bar soaps, but smells incredibly of Snow Fairy. It’s covered in tons of glitter that sticks around (but is unobtrusive). I used this as a hand soap in my bathroom while I tried out the bar soaps (and the samples of shower creams) that I got, and it’s fantastic. It’s sweet enough to make washing my hands take longer than usual, and makes it a more enjoyable experience. I moved this into my shower recently, and that’s definitely a better place for it. It had hard bits that are great for scrubbing, and gives you a nice pink lather to see your wash.

Above are the samples I got! I’ll go through them relatively quickly so we can continue on to more exciting Lushmas products. Bubbly, like always, is fantastic. I’ll probably be buying a big container of this when it comes to the states (and maybe a solid, too!). Snow Fairy is also lovely; it makes everything smell like candy Christmas, and that is wonderful. Chris Tingle was new for me; I hadn’t used a body conditioner from Lush before, but I think this was great! It’s bright and minty, which is one of my favorite scents. Berry was another new one for me, and I really enjoyed it. It’s full of berry scents, but it’s not overwhelming. I will probably grab a little one of these. And finally, Santa’s Christmas. I feel like a bit of a villain for not liking anything with “Santa” in the name, but the cola scent is too much for me. I also had a small panic that my hands were going to stay red when I used it; it’s bright! But it is a nice, thick consistency. Not for me, but if you’re really into cola, check it out.

This is one of Lush’s newest creations; solid products! It’s Once Upon a Time Body Lotion, in its solid form. It did get a little banged up on the way home (and a little bit melty too), but it still works very well. It’s a thick lotion that you rub into your skin, much like a massage bar. It melts very easily, so I recommend having a special place for it to sit where it isn’t too hot (even putting it in the fridge may not be a bad plan). It smells like fresh apples, just like So White. I really enjoy this, the application just takes some getting used to.

This is Butterbear! He’s a wash card now! I hadn’t used a wash card before using this little guy, and I don’t think I’ll be going out of my way to grab any. They’re a little weird because it’s soap that is meant to only be used once. It was a very true to Butterbear scent; my bathroom smelled of lovely marzipan the day I used this, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to use cards of soap. You get them a little wet (or just wet your body) and rub it around like soap. I felt like I could have gotten another wash out of him, but he was too crumpled to be trusted on my wire shower caddy, so I washed extra (not that it’s a bad thing). If this were a soap that I could buy a cut of, I’d be more into it, but since it’s not, I’m not convinced it’s for me.

This is Christmas Sweater. It’s a super cute, incredibly spicy bath bomb. It fizzed for at least 15 minutes, which felt like a good long time. It leaves your bath water a gorgeous orange that looks like you just dumped Bubbly in your tub. I absolutely adored this, and will be grabbing more when they come out in the US.

Above is Sherbet Dip. It’s a lovely little bath bomb that smells exactly like lemon drops. I haven’t used this one yet because I love just letting it’s scent fill my room. I know I’ll be stocking up on these when they come stateside, because I can’t get enough of the smell. Again, Lush has brought their A Game with citrus scents this season, and I’m super into it.


That’s all for now, time to detox my skin! I hope you’re ready for a very merry Lushmas this year!










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