Nerds Gotta Play: Betrayal at House on the Hill

Not only do I love video games, I’m also a huge fan of board games and table top games. My all time favorite game right now – and it’s very appropriate for Halloween time – is a co-op of sorts that focuses on a team entering a creepy old house. It’s called Betrayal at House on the Hill, and there are literally 100 ways to play.

betrayal 1

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a complex game. There are so many layers and elements to it. I’ll do my best to explain it in a basic way.

Within BaHotH, a team of 3-6 players enter an odd house. What’s fun is that you, the players, build the house as you go. You discover different rooms, and within the rooms are different things. There are events, items, and the one to fear – omens. Each card is different; some help and some hurt and some are just creepy as hell. As you go through the house and discover omens, you wait for the haunt to happen. There are three levels, a main level, a basement, and an upper level. You explore, finding as many things as possible before the haunt begins. And for now, you’re all working together.

The haunt begins with the haunt roll where the added numbers on the dice are lower than the number of omen cards players have. What the haunt is is determined by a chart. And there are 50 possibilities. Meaning you could play this 10 times in one day and have 10 different games. Once the haunt begins, one of the players is the traitor. And now you must determine how to win. Will the survivors live through the night? Will the traitor succeed in destroying their former friends? What is in this house with you?

I understand if that sounds very confusing. And believe me the first few times I played it I was consulting the rules and making sure I was playing right. But now that I’ve played it a lot it’s so much fun. The possibilities of having a different house layout, a different story, a new haunt, makes everything worth wile.

One of the layouts from one of my many many times playing

The best part is there’s now an expansion pack. Yes, that’s right. Before I could play all 50 original haunts, they released 50 more. The expansion pack is complete with new rooms, a new floor, all new cards, and 50 more haunts to play through. Sadly some of the new haunts aren’t explained as well as some of the old ones. The writing on them could have been expanded a bit. But believe me the expansion pack only adds to the fun.

betrayal 2

This is a great game to play around Halloween time. It’s a great immersive horror movie style game that has almost endless possibilities for replayability. I highly recommend picking it up and bringing it to your next Halloween party.











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