Cotton On Clothing

I’ve been trying to develop a specific style, and in doing so, have been looking a bit outside of my comfort zone for clothing. While watching a Cracked video awhile back, I saw that Maggie Mae Fish was rocking a fantastic look (jeans, striped shirt, and jean jacket). I pointed out how cool she looked to the boyfriend, and he said that it’s a very me look. I got excited and decided to tweet MMF to find out where she got her shirt (as I don’t have many striped shirts, but I do have jeans and jean jackets). She replied (!) Cotton On, a brand I had never heard of before, but I was excited to check out.

Man, they have rad clothes at Cotton On, and they’re reasonably priced! A lot of their stuff is very basic, which is a great way to make a “uniform” for yourself. Making a uniform doesn’t mean wearing the exact same thing every day, but it means you’ve got a go to look, all the time. Since Cotton On has a bunch of similar color palettes and a consistent stripe situation, heck yeah I was about it! I ordered a tank top, and a striped t-shirt.

When I got them, I was so beyond excited. They’re super comfortable, on top of being cute and affordable. Though I haven’t quite developed a uniform yet, these shirts are helping me work through my ridiculous fear of horizontal stripes (fun fact: they are for everyone and every body type), and I’m comfy as heck while doing it.

These are the shirts I bought from Cotton On (tank top and t-shirt). They have a pretty solid range of colors and it’s easy to find a million things that I liked. I also noticed that they have sales pretty often, so they’re a good email list to be subscribed to. Check them out!










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