I Dew Care, Hang Tight Mask

Y’all know I’m all about those masks. I love facial masks because they’re such a simple and fun way to treat yourself. It doesn’t take much for me; a mask before my shower can sometimes make my day. The day before I left my apartment I used the I Dew Care, Hang Tight mask. It was my first time using this mask, and my last day of work before vacation, so having something to start the day a bit more fresh was incredibly appealing. I washed my face with a hot cloth, slathered some mask on, and had my morning hot water.

The first thing I noticed about this mask was that it looked like matcha. I genuinely felt like I had put some matcha into very thin lotion, and was rubbing it onto my face. But since it didn’t smell like matcha, that stopped being a thought very quickly. I also noticed how thin the liquid was. I almost worried it would drip off of my face, but luckily my gaping pores grabbed it, and it soaked in.

I didn’t know much about this mask. I just knew that I was in Ulta, had a time limit, and wanted some nicer, multiuse masks to use. This was featured pretty prominently, so I figured it was good, grabbed it, and rolled out. I was not wrong; this mask is surprisingly good! As the name states, the goal is to tighten your pores a bit, while cleaning you. After I got out of the shower (where I washed the mask off with cold water), I looked and felt incredibly matte. I love it!

Regrettably, this is a mask that is sold overseas. That does mean that they test on animals. I should have checked that before I grabbed it, but I didn’t. Since I already purchased it, I will not be tossing it; I’ll instead be using it as thinly as possible; you darn animal testers have my money, I’m going to get as much use out of your product as I can! Because of the testing, I can’t in good heart recommend this mask, but it does work quite wonderfully. If testing isn’t your main concern, you should check this mask out. Otherwise, grab yourself some of Lush’s Rosy Cheeks for a magnifying face mask.











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One thought on “I Dew Care, Hang Tight Mask

  1. Yassss gurl I love it. My pores are extremely large and I can tell a huge difference when I use this mask. I was very very impressed by this.

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