Star Wars: The Last Jedi

There’s been a lot said about the newest chapter in the Star Wars franchise, both good and not so good. I have seen it twice now, and both times my emotions were high. I loved it, and I have a few spoiler filled thoughts I want to share with you.

star wars


Listen, I’m not saying it was the most perfect movie in the world. I know there were issues. Was the whole casino scene necessary? Probably not. It was great to build Rose and Finn’s relationship but it did take a long time. But hear me out; this movie had so many high points.

So many people hate what was done with the characterization, but they’re realistic. If Luke screwed up that badly, he’d do what his former master Yoda did and run and hide. Yoda hid after Anakin killed all of the young Jedi, and Luke did the exact same thing. Luke knows that the Jedi need to stop being as worshiped as they were, and that’s what he teaches Rey,

Should Holdo have told Poe her plan from the beginning? Yeah, absolutely. Why didn’t she, who knows. Maybe she was worried about a traitor, I mean the First Order had just been able to track them. That was probably the reason, but since it was never said I get the unhappiness there. However, Holdo and Poe were still two total badasses who saved the resistance in their own ways.

Side note, Leia flying through space may have looked weird but think of it; she’s a freaking Skywalker who never actually used the Force it’s about damn time we saw her using it.

Lastly, the thing I think most people are upset about. Rey being a nobody. I’ll admit, I joined in the theories, my top one being she’s a Kenobi. But her being a nobody is so much more beautiful. Think of it. She doesn’t come from one these “noble” families like Skywalker or Kenobi or Solo. She’s just a girl who was dropped off at a planet who happened to help save a rebel droid and discovered she can channel the Force. Was she ever meant to become a part of this fight? Who knows? But she shows that you can be anyone and become one of the strongest rebels to save the galaxy from oppressors. If that isn’t inspiring to young girls around the world, I don’t know what is.

I am not saying that Last Jedi was perfect. But to me, it came close. The writing, the cinematography, the subtle hints about the Jedi books and Luke’s projection plan. I love this movie. I will continue loving this movie. And I will look forward to the final chapter.










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