Lush’s Furze & Milky Bath

As I work my way through my immense and unnecessary tub of Lush items, I’m realizing that most of them are from the UK, and that’s rad. I get to relive my trip a bit through baths, and that is a silly but awesome truth. This week’s is a twofer; one item from the UK and one from here in the states.

Furze is an incredible bath oil that my mum and I actually got to make while at the Creative Showcase. It features a green bath oil, rolled in some elderflower petals, and topped with 3 thistles. It was my first bath oil, and I’m so glad that I have a second, because it feels gorgeous! It made me feel smooth and soft without feeling slippery or oily, and was so relaxing to lay in. I got to release some of my troubles in that bath. Regrettably, since it is rolled in petals (and topped with thistle), it can make a bit of a mess of your tub. But the feeling was definitely worth it.

I paired Furze with Milky Bath Bubble Bar. I was told that Milky is a great additive to any Bath because it can add to the experience (white water and bubbles) but still lets other products, like Furze, shine through. It wasn’t all that scented, and I don’t think I would use it on its own, but I really enjoyed using them together.

I’m the type of gal who struggles to make Bath cocktails because I know how expensive these products can be. But I used only about 1/5 of Milky and will be using my other Furze a half at a time (plus I got them for free). So I think this was a cocktail worth making. I’ll be trying Milky with other product as, and can let you all know how that goes. But if you’re looking for some extra luxurious relaxation, grab a bath oil and the Milky Bath and tuck in for a cozy, fancy bath.










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