Lush’s Bubbly Solid Shower Gel

Before I went to the Creative Showcase, I heard that Lush was trying out a new, Solid Shower Gel. I kind of did what I assume most people did and said, “isn’t that just soap?” and along with many other people I was both right and wrong. Solid shower gels are a big part of Lush’s Go Naked campaign. They are a way to reduce packaging and therefore help out the environment a bit, and they feel great. So let’s get right into it!

At the Creative Showcase, a Lush employee asked me if she could show me Bubbly Solid Shower Gel. I figured that was the reason I was there, so let’s get to it! She washed my arm with both the liquid and solid versions, and I could not tell the difference. I was 100% sold, but since it’s a product that was coming to the US later that month, I figured I’d wait on it. But when it came here, I still didn’t buy it until almost November. And as you saw in my main post about Catching Up on all the Lush stuff I haven’t used, my Solid Bubbly Shower Gel just sat in my tub of lush products until now.

Bubbly is one of my absolute favorite scents from Lush, along with Lord of Misrule and So White. These are all scents that I try to keep a little stockpile of all year long. So I have a couple small containers of Bubbly that I’ll be using before I finish off this Solid version, but I knew I would like the scent.

The solid version feels incredible. I think it’s better than the liquid because you are not only helping out the environment, but you’re wasting less product. I know that when I use a Shower Gel, I put too much on my hands or wash cloth, and I watch a bunch of it go down the drain. But soap lasts longer. It’s less wont get spilled or accidentally dumped, and you don’t have to pour it ever!

Best Bros, right here.

I’m really in love with these solid products. Before the new year, I ordered a couple extra solid gels because they’re super moisturizing and the scent is just as strong. Plus Boxing Day Sale, ya know? So if you see a scent that you know you like in solid form, try it out. Ask a Lush employee to help you try it in store, and get ready to fall in love.











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