Thanks to Netflix, my love and obsession over the Fate/ series continues. They recently released the newest chapter in the world, Fate/Apocrypha. I’ll admit, I was hesitant to watch it. But as soon as I started it, I knew it would be as wonderful as the others.

fate apocrypha

The reason I was hesitant is because the story of this one is so different from the others. In the past, the story has been seven masters and seven servants fighting to win the Holy Grail. According to Apocrypha, those wars were only for the Lesser Grail. The Greater Grail was stolen by a family of Mages during WWII. And now the family has declared that the time to fight for the Greater Grail is now, with a batter ensuing between the family and the Mage Association. That means 14 Masters and Servants this time, with a Ruler class Servant presiding over the battles as a judge of sorts, ensuring all goes as it’s meant to.

The two teams are denoted by color. The Mages Association is Red, and the family is Black. The Black team is using homonculi, sentient zombies, as hosts for magical circuits. One of those homonculi escapes and becomes important to the waging of war.

As I said, I was hesitant about this series, what with it being so different. But as soon as episode 1 started and brought not only wonderful historic figures as Servants but also brought characters from the past back (such as Waver from Fate/Zero and a new character who appears to be the son of Kirei Kotomine), I was hooked.

This is a wonderful continuation of the Fate/ world. I hope it continues beyond the 12 episodes on Netflix.











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