Zodiac Palette from BH Cosmetics

Alright Fangirls, we’re putting a quick pause on the Lush stuff for a week because I ordered a palette. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but Emily, you already have several palettes! You’re not wrong, dear readers. But this one I bought because of Zodiac Starforce, and therefore, I think it’s justifiable.

For the most part, I don’t give a hoot about my astrological sign. I love when I see that Scorpios are known to be tough and loyal, and that Scorpio traits usually line up pretty dang well with Slytherin traits. But that’s really all it is. I do, however, love Zodiac Starforce, a comic about Starforce Cadets, each with powers relating to their signs. So when I got an email from Ulta about the new Zodiac Palette, the first thing in my mind was, I can have Kim with me every day. Kim is my favorite of ZS, because she’s strong and fiercely loyal. But she’s a taurus, and I’d feel a bit silly wearing taurus themed clothing (but this look is so strong).

Incredibly long story short; I bought the palette. It was only $22, plus I had a coupon, so I think it was 100% worth the impulse buy. I unboxed it on instagram live, and have created 2 looks from it so far.

Scorpio colors

The colors in here are incredibly pigmented (which is great), but I definitely need to remind myself to tap my brush when using it. I find the sparkly colors to fall apart a bit (watching them made them a bit flaky in pan, but application was still fine).

Clearly I am not the best at swatching, but I tried my darnedest. And 12 is a lot of colors to swatch on one arm by yourself! But I do love those sparkles. The mattes, however, were far less pigmented.

There are some great colors still, and they blend pretty well too! I find that some are more crumbly than others, and I hope that (along with the flaking) is limited to the top layers. There’s another addition to this palette, that surprised me a bit.

This highlight is insane. It’s so bright (I ran my finger over it twice in pan and got this), and I love it. It takes some work to be buffed out, but this gives a shine like no other. I do not profess to know a ton about makeup, but I love seeing highlights that are hella strong, and I think this will help me on my way to greatness (as long as I buff it out).

Taurus colors

I still have a long ways to go with learning about makeup, but I am really excited to have the Zodiac Palette with me. It’s full of lovely colors, and a vast range of shades that I can’t wait to dip into. If you want your own Zodiac Palette, you can grab one here!











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