A few weeks ago, I got bored and decided to scroll through my Netflix list to find something new. I landed on Syfy’s Haven. It had been on my list for a while so I thought what the heck. I’ll let you in on a secret – it’s literally only taken me about 3-4 weeks to finish this show. It’s so good.


Haven is about a little town in Maine called, well what else, Haven. FBI agent Audrey Parker goes to Haven to find an escaped convict. She stays to learn about her unknown past. She finds that people in Haven are Troubled – they have special gifts that more often than not almost destroy the town and inevitably cause injury or death. But Audrey has a special way of helping these Troubled people feel better and accept their powers, learn to live with them.

Along the way we meet Nathan, a local police officer who’s Trouble is that he can’t feel anything physical, and Duke, a local smuggler who secretly has a heart of gold. We also meet Vince and Dave Teagues, brothers who run the local paper and cover up the deeds of the Troubled with stories like a gas leak. The group of characters we meet throughout the seasons, those who stay and those who sadly go, are wonderful. They play off each other well, help when needed, keep everyone safe and together. I don’t think there’s been a character I haven’t loved.

Haven is based off of a Stephen King short story, The Colorado Kid. I read it recently and it’s not really anything like the show. But I still found it interesting. It’s the story of a murder that was never solved and seemingly has no answer. Haven strives to give that murder an answer.

I have noticed one flaw with Haven, and as much as I love the show it’s a significant flaw. Most of the recurring female characters end up being killed off. One recurring female just left in season one after about five episodes. One who was also from season one just kind of disappeared. She was there part way through season one, had a kind of significant moment in the season finale, and then just vanished never to be seen or mentioned again. Not sure what happened there. Vicki, Gloria, and Laverne are the only recurring females to survive (and obviously Audrey but she’s the star so she doesn’t count). I love Vicki and Laverne and especially Gloria (she is a true gift to the show), but come on writers. They should have done so much better than this. Did this make me love the show less when I realized it? Maybe a little. But I absolutely love all of the other characters and the stories that were being told.

Even with its flaw, Haven has been a bright light recently. I’ve loved coming home and watching a few episodes and being startled or crying (there’s a point in season two or three where I literally cried for five episodes straight and it’s all my favorite character’s fault) or laughing right out loud (look forward to the body swapping episodes in season five, trust me). I’ve loved watching Haven. It’s a good, fun sci-fi show.










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