Rolling Project Pan: 18 in 2018

Hey friends and Fangirls! I have been living to watch Project Pan videos on YouTube, and my recent obsession with them made me reconsider my collection. I have too much stuff, and a lot of it goes unused, and has for years, so Project Pan seemed like a really great way to push myself to get through some of these old products. Project Pan is a section of the YouTube and beauty community devoted to enjoying and using your collection. While they usually are specified to cosmetics, they are totally down with folks using panning to get through other products. Since I’m brand new to this, I’m probably going to ramble quite a bit today, but know that it’s because I’m excited!

18 in 2018 is a challenge that I’ve seen a lot of recently, because of the new year. The goal is to pan (hit pan with eyeshadow, blush, etc) or finish 18 products this year. Some of my products are super tiny, while others are massive, but most of them I use daily. I think I’ll be able to make this a rolling pan (where new products get added as old ones are finished). I’ll be tracking my progress here every other week, and we’ll see how many I can finish. So let’s get into it!

My first product is actually two products, but they’re from the same brand and they’re similar products. They’re Baby Lips chapsticks! I know that I have many chapsticks, all over the apartment, and it’s too much. I’ve had these for at least 2 years now, and I desperately want to finish them. I have a feeling that I’ll be finishing the white one by the end of March! The white chapstick is my work chapstick, so it doesn’t leave my desk. The green stays at home. I’ll be bringing that in my purse everywhere that I go (other than work) when I’m not wearing lipstick, so I’ll be hydrated and ready to smooch.

Next up is this Pure Color Lipstick. It is double sided, the other side is gloss, but I do not plan on using that side ever. So concentration will be on the lipstick! I have had this for about 5 years (gross) and have loved the color too much to declutter it. Luckily for me, the formula hasn’t started to smell or change, so I feel comfortable using this. But I can’t wait to use it up!

Next, is my Better Than Sex Mascara from Two Faced Cosmetics. Absolutely nothing is wrong with this; it isn’t old, I love the product; I just want to finish it. It’s a relatively new tube, but I do wear mascara 6 days a week, so I think I should be done with this within the year.

Much like the mascara (and a couple items coming up) there’s nothing wrong with this eyeliner! The Ulta Precision Liquid Eye Liner is my favorite drugstore eyeliner, and I would just like to finish this. I have had (and used) this one for at least 6 months already, on and off, so it’s probably past it’s expiration. But nothing about the formula has changed, so I want to finish it up!

I’m being ambitious with the amount of eyeliner I want to finish this year, let me tell you. Tattoo Liner from Kat Von D is my absolute favorite eyeliner out there. This is the liner that made it possible for me to use liquid liner, and it’s such a lovely, pure black. I’ve been using this a bit more frequently than the Ulta one, for about the same amount of time. It’s another that I’d like to just keep moving forward on.

I promise, this is the last eyeliner! This Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner is a deluxe sample size from my BirchBox. It’s a lovely liner, and I’ve been using it for the past couple days. This is the liner I’m concentrating on first, since it is the smallest. I’d like to have this finished by the end of March, since I use eyeliner almost every day.

Next up is this Vitabath body wash. I have 3 different scents of this, and I don’t think I paid for any of them; they’re all deluxe samples! Since I am working to use up some of my Lush products separately from this Project, This may take me longer than I’d like it to. But I have found that it layers well with the Bubbly shower gel that I’m currently working on. This was full yesterday; today was the first day I used it. Once I’m done with this scent, I’ll roll right into one of the other two I have.

This sample of Nirvana from Elizabeth and James has been kicking around my collection for far too long. I like the scent enough to not want to just toss it, but apparently not enough to wear it immediately. It’s a strong scent, and a bit more feminine than I expected, but I’ll make sure I were this once a week to use it up. Since it’s a sample, it shouldn’t take too long.

This is another deluxe sample from my BirchBox! The Vasanti exfoliator is fantastic, and I’m using it 3 days a week. I really enjoy this, and may even purchase it once I’ve gone through all of my facial cleansers.

This close up isn’t quite close enough, but the product I’m focusing on is White Chocolate. It is from the Chocolate Bar from Two Faced, which was my first high end palette purchase. I use White Chocolate as an eyeshadow base every day, so I’m hoping I can hit pan by the end of the year. I’m not looking to finish this product, but if it happens, I won’t be upset.

I hate these. These are travel size Yes to Tomato skin cleansers, and they’re awful. They don’t exfoliate the way that I hoped they would, and I just want them out. I bought 3 of them on sale because the fluid ounces was higher than that of a full size, and less expensive because of the sale. But after 1 use, I realized they were 100% not for me. I need to get rid of them, but I don’t feel right just tossing them, and I don’t want to burden a friend with them. I’m using these on the 4 days a week I’m not using the Vasanti, and I just want them gone.

I have had this firming cream for just over a year, and wasn’t putting it on daily, so there’s a ton of progress to make. That changed when we hit  2018 though; I’ve been using it daily because my skin is so darn dry. This not only firms skin, but hydrates as well, which is always nice. Once this is gone, I will probably not repurchase. Nothing against the product, I just want to focus on working out over using creams and quick fixes to look better.

I adore this hand cream. It was in one of the sticking stuffer areas at Ulta, and I picked it up for a friend, and immediately lost it. But come December (once the gift had shipped out) I found it again, and have been using it since. It lives at my desk at work, and since I touch paper constantly, I use it often. I think this will be done by the end of March.

Next up is another two-fer, this time from ColourPop! These hippie sticks are in 54 and Ruffle, and I love them. I have too many lipsticks, though, and want to focus on just a couple to make my collection more manageable. I’ll be concentrating on these two colors, along with the earlier lipstick because they’re my main colors; red, nude, and slight shimmer. I think I’ll be able to finish these by the end of the year, as long as I focus on only using them.

I feel like this is a bit of a gimme product, because it’s a small sample, and it’s already half way empty, but I don’t feel guilty about that! This GlamGlow Gravity Mask is beautiful, and that makes me not want to use it. I know that I will probably never buy the full size because of the price, but I love that it makes me silver like a magical robot girl. I think there are 2 more uses in it, and I’ll probably only use it once a month.

I have had this body creme for at least 3 years, and I didn’t open it until this year. That’s ridiculous so many levels, but I remember buying it with a ton of other body products, because I wanted to make sure I had stuff to pamper myself when I moved out, so I didn’t have to keep buying. Regrettably, I kept buying and this sank to the bottom of my collection. But now, I use it daily on my calves to keep them hydrated. I really enjoy this, but since it’s old and in a pot, I want to finish it off.

This Clarifying Mud Mask was also a part of that “I’m buying now so I don’t have to later” thought process, and I’ve used it maybe once every other month since. I do like this quite a bit, and am happy to add this to my Project, so it gets some more love. I think this will be done relatively quickly, but I have a lot of work to do on it. I think I’ll be using it twice a week.

Of the products I’m working on finishing up, this is the most intimidating. I have had this since 2015, and I’ve been using it on and off the whole time. I love Lush, and absolutely adore this shampoo, but I can only use it once a week because I shampoo my hair twice a week, and this is almost too hydrating to use both times. It’s a beautiful coconut shampoo, and I love it, but I will never purchase such a big pot of it again! I am hoping this will be empty by the end of the year, but won’t be upset if I don’t make it.

So those are my 18 products that I’d like to pan and finish this year! I have plans for items to roll in once each of these is gone, but we’ll cross that bridge if and when we come to it. I’m also going on a low buy; I won’t be buying cosmetic products any more this year until I have made a serious dent in my collection. These products are genuinely just the tip of the iceberg, and I have a lot more products that I just haven’t gotten around to yet. I’m excited to get through these so I can move on to my newer products (which is why I included some new products in here). I’m hoping that this will go as well as my Lush Project is going; I haven’t bought any Lush products this year (and I’m very proud of that). I will be updating you on progress on Mondays, every other week, so expect the first update on February 26th. I’ll see you then, Fangirls!











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