Lush’s Buck’s Fizz Solid Body Conditioner

As Lush has been rolling out the absolutely lovely naked Shower Gels, they were also releasing body conditioners in a new, solid form. Before trying out Buck’s Fizz, I hadn’t used a solid body conditioner, I just had a trial size of the liquid Christingle (which I loved). But I grabbed one when I found out it was the Celebrate scent (the same scent as Bubbly).

Naked products were one of the many new things Lush rolled out this year. They are a great way to reduce waste, especially for a company as large as Lush. The body conditioners are no exception; not everyone recycles the tubs they’re usually sold in.

Body Conditioners are used similarly to hair conditioners, which is something I didn’t realize until quite recently. You rub them on your skin while you’re still in the shower, go about your business (rinsing your hair and/or face, rinse the body conditioner off, and get out! It seems like it would be just a soap then, right?

Wrong! The body conditioner softens your skin, and leaves it with a more lasting scent than if you had just used scented soap. What you’re essentially doing is putting on lotion while you’re still in the shower because you are a busy Fangirl with lots of fandoms to obsess over and things to do. It’s incredible.

I didn’t believe it would work, not even for a moment. I thought it would just be a fancier soap that washed off before I got out of the shower, and I was wrong. I love that I have a bit of Celebrate with me for the first couple hours of my work day when I use this, and I feel very hydrated. It’s incredible for these cold, skin drying months that many of us are in right now!

Best Bros, right here.

If you’re at a Lush and you see a solid body conditioner, ask an employee to help you test it out. You will feel insanely luxurious, and most likely fall in love. I know that on days where it’s hard to get up, or after a run in the freezing cold, I live nothing more than using my solid Bubbly shower gel and my solid Buck’s Fizz body conditioner to get my day started right.










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