Rolling Project Pan: Update 1

Friends and Fangirls, we’re two weeks in and I’m feeling very confident! I have some exciting progress to share, and we’re going to get right into it.

My first product to work on was two chapsticks, and to be honest, neither has changed enough to show progress. Not a strong start, but a start nonetheless.

Next was the Pure Color Lipstick. Remember? Well, it’s gone now! I moved this bad boy to my empties after finishing it off on Friday, February 23rd. It felt really good to get through it, and though this is a rolling project, I won’t be replacing it with another lipstick just yet, instead, I’m putting in my Soleil Bronzer from Two Faced Cosmetics. I do not plan on using this as a bronzer, but instead as a compliment to my Lord & Berry Brow Pencil. I’ve found that the two work pretty well together for me, and hopefully I can get rid of the bronzer sample!

Better Than Sex Mascara from Two Faced was next, and as it’s a mascara, I have no visible change. It was pretty new when I started paying attention two weeks ago, so it definitely doesn’t feel thinned out or dry yet. I wear mascara about 6 days a week, so I am definitely using it.

After that I had three separate eyeliners. Two of them, Ulta’s Liner and Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner, have not been touched. I’ve been pouring all of my attention into the third, Eyeko’s Skinny Liquid Liner. It’s not thinning, but I can tell it’s no longer brand new. During the first couple of uses, product came out too easily; my lines were usually a bit blob-like instead of the art straight line I prefer. But now, it’s working like an older liner. Much like mascara, I wear eyeliner 6 days a week, so I don’t think I’ll have to wait too much longer to finish it and move on to the next one.

I’ve got more exciting news with my body wash; it’s done! I finished the Vita Bath Coconut Body Wash on Thursday, February 22nd, and started another bottle (the same size), called Cucumber & White Tea the very next day. That bottle is shown above with the progress that has since happened. I have a feeling I will tear through this as well, and quickly move on to my third bottle.

I have learned something about myself with the Elizabeth and James Nirvana perfume; it is not a scent for me. I find it overwhelming, and I can’t wear it often because it lingers. If I enjoyed this scent, that would be a great thing, but since I don’t, I struggle to put it on.I will persevere though, and I’m hoping my next perfume sample is one I like a bit more.

Next is Vasanti’s Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator, which I am loving. I am only using it the recommended three times a week, and still feel like I have made great progress. I am in love with this product, and I’m actually planning to purchase a full size when I am through with all of my face washes.

White Chocolate is another product where progress isn’t visible. I use this 6 days a week to prime my eyelids and attempt to hide the bags under my eyes. I’ve been trying to swipe in the same spot every day, so when progress becomes visible, we’ll all know.

The Yes to Tomatoes face wash is next, and my feelings on it haven’t changed. Since starting this project, I’ve had both sample sizes with me in the shower to remind me that I shouldn’t be stealing my boyfriend’s face wash when I have so much of it available to me on the daily. It’s working, and progress is happening. I’m hoping to be done with the first bottle by our next update.

My skin cream from Nivea is next, and has some pretty significant progress. It feels good to be moving through this, just as it feels good to be working out. I know that any lotion, applied daily, will help to break up cellulite, and pairing that with a healthy diet and exercise makes fitness a breeze. But I used to want a simple fix, and this is a bit of that. My skin feels tighter, and I feel more confident (but who’s to say that’s not from exercising?). Either way, I’ve made progress!

This Merry Mint Hand Cream isn’t disappearing nearly as quickly as I thought it would. I do use it every day, and often, but it only takes a little to hydrate your hands. There is visible progress, though, and I’m excited for that.

I have barely used either of my Colour Pop lippie sticks. I have really been focusing on the Pure Color Lipstick, and now that that’s gone, I can focus on Colour Pop. I’m excited to dive into this taupe-nude!

My Glam Glow mask is done! I wore the last use yesterday, and felt so good about it! When I first started this project, I thought I’d be saving this mask because it’s an expensive one that I don’t plan on shelling out the cash for any time soon, but instead, I treated myself to it every couple of days. I think a big part of that is that it’s a peel mask, which is my favorite kind. I will be replacing this with my Just To Clarify Jelly Mask from Lush, as I’ve been slowly working my way through it for a couple months now. It’s a lovely mask, and I only have a couple more uses to it, so why not motivate myself to finish it?


Add another to the empties, my Amazing Grace is done! I was hoping to get through the creme to the bottom of the lettering, but this decadent creme was so easy to dip into, that I used it up. I loved that on cold days I was insulated but this, and I had a wonderful morning routine. But that won’t change too much, as I’m replacing it with another lotion, the Shea Moisturizing Lotion from Tree Hut. As you can see, this isn’t a brand new product; I’ve used almost half of it up! I remember loving this formula, but being beckons by newer products. So we’ll focus on this and maybe finish it in a month or two!

My progress on the Black Soap Mask hasn’t changed. I used it once, and was reminded that it is far from my favorite mask. With Just To Clarify being so close to done, I’ll really have to focus on this one.

Curly Curly also hasn’t changed much. I use this once a week, and while I do love it, a little goes a long way. I won’t be changing my habits with it, but I will not stop!

So that’s where we’re at for now. It’s a lot, but I’m really excited about the progress made in these past two weeks. I’ll be back with another update on March 12th, and I hope things will have progressed further! How are your Project’s going? Have you hit pan on anything, or finished anything off? Let me know in the comments below!











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