Lush’s So White Shower Gel

Fangirls, you all know how I feel about the So White scent from Lush. If you aren’t aware; I live for it. It’s a beautifully strong apple scent that smells just as pure as an apple orchard. I can not get enough of it. Here in the states we usually get it as a bath bomb, but this year we got a lotion instead. To complete the trifecta, however, I had to look to the UK site.

There I ordered the So White Shower Gel. I could have gone whole hog and ordered the Spray as well, but I’m hoping that makes it’s way to the US sooner than later. This shower gel smells just as beautiful as the bath bomb and lotion, and pairs bperfectly with either (or both).

The one thing that I’m not super about with this shower get is that it’s a bit lumpy. This only affects the visual aspects of using it; it lathers wonderfully and (like I mentioned) smells fantastic. But the lumpy white gel that you rub all over your body isn’t a big yes for me.

Obviously, though, that isn’t a deal breaker. This shower gel does everything I expect it to; it lathers well, smells phenomenal, and leaves my skin with a hint of perfect apple. I hope they sort out the lumps and bring this beauty stateside soon!











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