Heart of Iron by Ashley Posten

Alright Fangirls, you know that I love me some retellings. Heart of Iron is no exception. Written by Ashley Posten (of Geekerella), this is the first of (at least) two books. It was a gripping read, and we’re going to get right into it.

Heart of Iron is written from the perspective of four characters; Ana, Robb, Di (or D09), and Jax. Ana, Di, and Jax are outlaws on a pirate ship, while Robb is almost royalty. And they’re all after the same thing; coordinates to an abandoned ship, the Tsarina.

When Robb is brought aboard the ship that Ana sails with (under Captain Siege, who seems perfect in every way), it’s done rather unwittingly. He purchased the coordinates to the Tsarina, but since Ana also wants them, Robb is just brought along. Ana wants to go to the Tsarina in hopes that she can find a proper memory cube for Di, her best boy and robot. Di is following Ana, because she’s his best friend, and he doesn’t want her to get into any more trouble than she usually does. Robb is searching for his father, who disappeared years ago, and could still be on the Tsarina. And Jax is the pilot under Siege, who ends up having motivations of his own.

This is a fantastic retelling of Anastasia, but in space, with robots. It’s incredible. I didn’t realize it was a retelling until the book was in my hands, and I saw on Ashley Posten’s instagram that she mentioned it (guess who has two thumbs and doesn’t always research her books before buying). After that, I kept waiting for the important story pieces to hit, and seeing things about characters that I don’t think I would have seen otherwise. Also, the names were perfectly done; similar to those of Anastasia, but not exact.

I had a blast reading this. It was a page turner from the start, but hit even more in the last 100 pages. I hope that you grab yourself a copy, and prepare yourselves, because Posten announced that the sequel was also picked up by the publisher, so we’ll be hearing more from her in the (hopefully near) future.

And remember;

Stalo ban act van’en.
Stars are not afraid.










All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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