Lush’s Prince of Darkness Face Mask

As many of you know, I love both Harry Potter and Lush. I heard about the Prince of Darkness face mask before I went to the UK, and immediately saw the connection between HP and Lush. So I made it my job to get my hands on it!

When I got to the Oxford Street Store, I found that they were completely sold out of the mask. It’s a fresh face mask, which means I can’t have it shipped here. But I went to a lovely woman who worked there and asked for a sample. When she realized I was from the US and bummed about our lack of exclusive products, she grabbed a couple sample pots and filled them up. I am eternally indebted to her.

I’ve used up most of my samples of it, but I’m finally sitting down to review it! It’s lovely, plain and simple. It’s a very dark mask, black as the night, and makes the Slytherin in me come to life. Filled with lavender, charcoal, and sea salt, it’s an exfoliators dream.

I am sad that I’m almost out of this, but I am really grateful that I’ve gotten to try it. My skin feels vibrant and soft after using it, but I do recommend using it at night so you can be sure to wash off any excess before you do anything, because the black bits don’t always come off with a gentle wash.

Altogether, I love it. It’s another of the many products that I hope will someday make it to the United States, but we do still have some pretty great products. If you can, grab some of this. It’s lovely, and I’m jealous of everyone who gets to use it on a regular basis.











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