Lush’s Little Dragon Reusable Bubble Bar

I don’t tend to go for the fancy, shaped bubble bars. I usually think that I get the best bubbles (and baths in general) from the simple ones like The Comforter and Brightside. But the other day I took a lovely soak using the Little Dragon reusable bubble bar, and I was astounded.

As you Fangirls know, I’ve been making my way through the ridiculous amount of Lush product I’ve amassed over the past year or so. I have too much, but I bought it, danger, and I will be using it. But the reusable bubble bars haven’t been all that high on my list of priorities. But Little Dragon is one that I’ve been curious about for a couple years now, and since I’ve got it in my big tub of Lush, I may as well get to trying it!

I was blown away by this bar, as soon as I started to run it under the bath water. It instantly turned the water a lovely orange, and started producing lovely bubbles. I tend to crumble my bubble bars under the water, and be a bit disappointed with the amount of bubbles I receive. Since I’m more in it for the pretty colored water, I don’t tend to fuss about it, but this genuinely surprised me. Bubbles from the Little Dragon lasted my whole bath; I even left some in the drained tub!

This is an adorable bubble bar. It’s shaped like a Chinese Dragon, and is a lovely, orange and gold color, held together by a paper. I love the design! It also uses Chinese inspiration for the scents; cinnamon and ginger. I usually am 100% ready for bed after a bath, but not this one! I felt awake and ready to take on just about anything, even though I had a full day of work behind me.

This bubble bar exceeded all of my expectations. I don’t usually reorder from the UK site because shipping and waiting are a hassle, but I will almost definitely be ordering this again. I won’t have to anytime soon though, because while I’ve got a big tub full of products, I also only used about 1/3 of one side of this dragon. I will be getting about 4-5 more baths out of this! I think this has taken the cue as my favorite Lush bubble bar, possibly even knocking Brightside out of the top spot.










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