Rolling Project Pan: Update 3

Alright friends and Fangirls, it’s that time of the week again! Time to go through the items in my Project Pan, and give you some updates. Here’s the last update, where, a month in, I realized that I’m pretty good at this panning business, and it feels good as heck to be using up old products and buying fewer new ones. But lets dive right in.

Item 1 has been chapstick from the beginning. I finished my first chapstick with the last update, and am now working my way through the second one. There isn’t huge progress, but I can feel myself going through it, and that’s rad.

My second product is the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer from Two Faced. I’ve been using this as an eyebrow powder and a transition shade on my eyelids, and I have a pretty go dip going! I believe I will be able to finish this within the year.

The third product is my Better Than Sex mascara from Two Faced Cosmetics. This we’ll never be able to see exact progress on, but I think I’m just over half-way through it. I know it isn’t exciting to look at, but I do use this every day, and I’m hoping to finish it off soon.

Products 4, 5, and 6 are all eyeliners, and again, I can’t show any real progress. I have been focusing my efforts on the Eyeko Liner since day one, and I think it’s starting to run low. I often have to go over lines because the coverage isn’t quite as full. Again, not super fun to look at, but I use it every day.

My 7th product is some of my travel size bottles of Lush Body Wash. I’m hoping to get through all of my Lush travel sizes this year, but this first group is the oldest of my collection. I’ve finished one of them so far (Lord of Misrule), and immediately started into the next. I pair it with my Bertie soap (also from Lush), and I think they make a great combo. Plus, Snow Fairy is a delightfully sweet scent!

Number 8 is done! I have been struggling to get through this Elizabeth and James Perfume sample, but the deed is done. I actually used it the last time this morning, so after today, I never have to smell it again! I wasn’t a huge fan of this from the start, but that quickly grew to loathe as I had to wear it regularly. Hopefully the new perfume, a Euphoria by Calvin Klein sample, will treat me better.

Vasanti’s Brighten Up is gone as well, though I’m celebrating this far less. I really enjoyed this product; I got it as a sample from Birchbox, and I think I’ll actually be purchasing a full size through them as well. I think this was a fantastic product, and it really improved my skin. It’s replacement in the project isn’t another face wash, but is instead an eye cream. The Wonder Eye Cream from BalanceMe isn’t my favorite product, but I got it as a sample, and I’d like to use it up.

Next is the White Chocolate shade from Two Faced’s Chocolate Bar. I use this bad boy daily to set my eyeshadow primer and highlight under my brows, but I don’t seem to be seeing any crazy depth in my progress. I do make sure to dip in the same spot every day, and there is a bit of progress, but it isn’t always easy to see. I’m still feeling pretty darn good about being able to hit pan on it this year.

Another one bites the dust! I am so glad to be done with another of my Yes To Tomatoes face cleanser. This stuff is garbage and I can not wait to get it completely finished! I feel a little bad being so rough on it, but it doesn’t work for my skin, and is therefore a waste of space on my shelf. I’m glad that I’m 2/3 of the way done with this, and I’m hoping to finish it off by the end of April.

I am still trucking on this firming cream from Nivea. My opinion on it hasn’t changed at all; I think it is slightly firming, but doesn’t do what exercise and diet will do for you. I like it, but won’t be repurchasing once I finish it.

I am powering through this Super Shock Shadow from ColourPop! I have heard from numerous sources that the Super Shocks are hard to work through, because they’re wildly creamy, so they move around a lot, and that’s correct. I had pan in two spots one day, and then the shadow moved to cover my second pan spot the next day. But now, my pan is quite large, and I’m feeling good about finishing this off!

I have been focusing on using up Ruffle from ColourPop, and it shows! I will almost definitely be finishing this beautiful dark nude up by the next update, and then I’ll move straight into 54. I have no issue with these, but I am glad to be using up lipstick, because my collection is massive.

Not gunna lie, I haven’t touched 1,000 Milihelens. It’s nothing against the product, I’d just rather use my older face mask first. So here she sits.

Next is my Tree Hut Body Lotion. This lovely stuff is going by pretty quickly, and I’m loving every second of it. I’m grateful to be going through a heavier lotion now, before it gets too hot here.

17 is my charcoal mud mask, and I think I’ve made some more progress with it. I did some research on my skin type (combination skin) and found out that while exfoliating masks can be beneficial, I should be hanging out with sheet masks and mud masks. Both can really help to draw out dirt and moisturize my face. So, I’ve used this bad boy a bit more than in the past couple of weeks! It isn’t massive progress, but it’s moving.

While Curly Wurly is stubborn, it’s moving. I will probably be done with this in another month or so. I feel like that’s a long time for the amount that’s in there, but I know that I only use it once a week, and it doesn’t take a ton to wash my hair. So in a couple updates, I’ll finally be done with this shampoo that I’ve been working on for actual years.

That’s all for my products! I’m feeling really good about getting through stuff, and while I don’t take about everything I finish here, I do hold on to all of my empties. Not because I plan on doing empties videos, or because I like hoarding, but because they keep my beauty cabinet full. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but by keeping it looking full (even if a bunch of stuff is empty), I feel less inclined to purchase more; where will new items go if I have  no space for them?! It’s helping out with my low buy quite a bit, and I think I’m doing better because of that. I hope everyone out there panning is bitting pan and finishing products!











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