Rolling Project Pan: Update 4

Friends and Fangirls, we have progress! It’s not all perfect, but I finished a couple products since last time, so let’s get into it!

For chapsticks, I’m not crazy proud of this progress, because it doesn’t feel like much, but I’ve been using it almost daily. But, that’s alright, because there’s progress in other products!

I didn’t take a new picture of the Chocolate Soleil bronzer because, again, while I’ve been using it daily there isn’t much of a dent. I am making sure to dip my brush in the same spot every day, and I can see a dip, but it isn’t huge.

Next up is the Better Than Sex mascara, and you can’t see progress, but I can feel a change. I know I’ve been using it for awhile, and I do have some worry about it expiring, but it doesn’t feel gross yet. It is feeling less like the wand is crazy full of product every time I use it.

Same goes for the eyeliners. I think I’m really getting somewhere with the Eyeko Liner, but I still haven’t touched the others. I am hoping to be done with Eyeko in the next month, and then I’ll get right into the others.

Two down, one to go with these body washes! I do have a whole cupboard full of other Lush body washes, but I’m feeling really good about getting through what I have so far. I’m really proud of how many washes I’ve gone through this year, and I can’t wait to get through some more!

I wasn’t sure about this perfume when I started using it, but unlike the other one, I am falling in love with it. It’s a beautiful scent, but it disappears pretty quickly. While this isn’t something I’ll purchase, I’m enjoying using it while I have it.

This BalanceMe eye cream isn’t going anywhere fast, but that’s because I only need the tiniest amount every day. I use this at night to try to help with my eye bags. I think it’s helping, but I’ve got some serious bags for it to work through.

Since I see this eyeshadow daily, it doesn’t feel like I’m making much of a dent, but compared to the last update, my dent has grown! I am still enjoying this, but this isn’t something I would purchase a single shadow of.

We’re almost there, fam. I am probably one use away from finishing off this face wash, and I’m so glad. I have a new BirchBox coming in later this week, and I believe there will be a new face wash in there. Once this is gone and until I get my BirchBox, I’ll be stealing my boyfriend’s face wash, so I don’t buy new products.

Kiss Nivea goodbye, and point my towards Sympathy For The Skin! My skin tightening lotion is out of here, and I am so proud of myself. I won’t be repurchasing this, because I don’t feel it’s necessary, but I did like using it at first. Since it’s gone, I’m adding another Lush product; Sympathy for the Skin lotion. It’s a luxurious lotion that I’m totally in love with. I have quite a bit in this pot, and I’m very excited to be using it.

This eyeshadow is still kicking, and it really does move around! My pan looks the same as it did before, but I can see some depth in the other, non-pan areas. I can see how people were saying it’s tough to finish off color shock shadows, but I will persevere!

I think I have one day left with this lipstick! I’ve been using it daily, and reapplying every time I can. After today, I’ll be starting work on the red, in hopes of finishing it off.

I’ve only used this mask a couple times, because I’ve been letting my masking habits fall to the wayside for the past couple weeks. I will be bringing this with me on vacation next week, and I think that’ll help me finish it off. I still adore this mask, and look forward to finishing it off.

Yet another lotion, done! This year I have finished off 3 full size lotions, and that feels great. While I would repurchase this Tree Hut lotion, I won’t, because I still have so many different lotions to work through. But, since I’m using a basic lotion to replace my Nivea lotion, I’m adding in a Coola BB Cream Sunscreen. I don’t really like this product; it makes me feel kind of greasy. But, I’m almost done with it, and I am happy to have a reason to focus on finishing it off. I don’t think this will be making it through my next update, but we’ll see.

Yet another mask that I’ve barely touched. I feel like I’ve let the cleansing portion of my evening routine fall by the wayside these past couple of weeks, and that’s lame. While I’ll be focusing on the other mask during vacation, I’ll be focusing on this until I leave for vacation. We’ll get there, eventually.

Look, I can see the bottom! Its really great to be making visible progress on this, and I’m excited to keep going. Some of this will definitely be coming on vacation with me, as I plan on doing some swimming, and I’ll be needing the hydration for my hair.

As I mentioned about a million times, I will be going on vacation next week. I’m hoping it’ll help me get through some products, and I’ll have a great time. But since I’m not bringing my laptop with me, my next update will be a week late. my fingers are crossed that it means I’ll have tons more progress. So we’ll see! Have a great couple weeks, Fangirls, and keep panning!











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