Cyanide Pill Bath Bomb by Lush

I’m not going to lie to you, Fangirls; I did not like this bath bomb. It put on a pretty dang good show, but I realized that I should have done my research before ordering this from Lush UK. This bath bomb was not for me, but some of you may like it.

The Cyanide Pill is a cute looking little pill bath bomb with a slightly awful theme. I wasn’t concerned with that when I purchased it; there are all sorts of Lush items with silly, unrelated themes. So I ordered it from Lush UK, and waited for it to get here, and then waited until now to try it out.

I must have been hoping the Cyanide Pill would turn blue, as the name suggests, but it did not. This little bugger turned a sickly neon yellow-green, and added silver sparkle all over the place. Those are two things I do not like; yellow water and glitter everywhere. But the show it put on was quite good.

When Cyanide Pill started fizzing, it spun a bit. After a moment or so, it released a stream of the glitter, which looked rad at the time (until it was all over my body). It took about five minutes to fizz the whole way through, and I did enjoy watching it. I also did not smell much, though the Lush UK site says that it should be full of wood and almond scents, I missed that.

Overall, this bath bomb is not for me. I am grateful that I only ordered one, and now it’s gone. If you do not mind having a yellow or glittery bath, and have sensitivity to strong scents, maybe you would enjoy this bath bomb. Let me know in the comments what you’ve thought of this one!











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