This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

Fangirls, I’ve been loving Victoria Schwab lately. I kind of put a bunch of books on hold to read five of her books, and no part of me feels guilty. If you want to read my feelings on her Magic trilogy, you can check that out on The Sartorial Geek.

This Savage Song is the first in a duology, two books about monsters, adventure, and a bit of possible friendly romance. I borrowed it from the library, because while I adored the Magic trilogy, I wasn’t sure if I would like Schwab’s writing for young adults. I underestimated her there, no doubt about it.

This book focuses on Kate Harker and August Flynn, two teens from different sides of the Seam. The Seam splits Verity City in two, where the Flynn’s control half, and the Harkers own the other half. The ruling styles are incredibly different; Henry Flynn works in a militant style, keeping people safe from the Malachi and Corsai using his own monsters, Sunai. Callum Harker, however, lets people pay for safety, and he has a deal with the Malachi. It’s a bizarre balance, and while Harker and Flynn don’t get along, they have a truce, and stick to it.

August Flynn is a Corsai; a special type of monster that can remove the soul of someone bad by making music. He doesn’t like to, which is dangerous, because that is how he feeds. He is given a false identity and sent to Colton, a private school in Harker’s district, to learn more about Kate Harker.

Kate has been kicked out of several boarding schools with the hope of coming back home, and eventually, it works. She is brought home and sent to Colton, where she notices that the other new kid (August, as Frederick), seems a bit off. She does some research, figures out who and what he is, and plans to bring him to her father.

On the same day she plans to bring him in, people in the school are attacked. Malachi that used to be under her father’s thumb have gone rogue, and they’re killing people at Colton. Kate and August have to fight for survival, and they learn a bit about both of their families in doing so.

I absolutely adored this book. I was a bit frustrated by the slow start, but about 100 pages in, it really hit it’s stride. While I prefer the Magic trilogy, I’m excited to read the sequel to This Savage Song, Our Dark Duet. I’ll be reviewing that in a couple weeks, so you’ve got time to read them both without spoilers. Happy reading, Fangirls!











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