Up You Gets Emotibomb by Lush

As we know, I have an addiction to Lush cosmetics. I love to have bright baths, stunning soaps, and live in the natural scents that Lush creates. But before now, I had never tried any of their emotibombs. I had one that I ordered before the Kitchen was changed, and I had been sitting on it for awhile, but I’ve realized that things need to be used, not just looked at. So I popped it in the shower the other day, and tried it out.

I hate to say it, but I didn’t like this. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the scent, and it isn’t a product that’s about the show, because it’s just sitting in a soap dish, getting hit by the occasional water drop.

This emotibomb should have filled my showers with a lovely citrus scent (which is my favorite scent type), and I didn’t get any of it. When I took it out of it’s wax paper, I got some of the scent, but I didn’t get any of it while showering, unless I dipped my finger into the puddle that it became.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed by this. I have used a shower bomb from a different company before, and it smelled very strongly. I’m more likely to repurchase a more strongly scented item than another emotibomb, but I’m glad that I tried it. It lasted a couple days, and turned into a gross looking puddle, but it was a new Lush product to me, which is always fun. I am glad I have more unique items from Lush and the Kitchen; they’ll be great to get into!











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