Unearthed by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

I have been tearing through books lately. Reading has always been my favorite escape, and now I’m building a library in my apartment that’s a bit too small to house it. But that doesn’t stop me from reading all of these fantastic books! Unearthed is different from a lot of what I’ve read lately, because it’s about aliens.

Pergite is audetis. Onward, if you dare.

Unearthed follows two different points of view, that of Amelia, a scavenger trying to buy back her younger sister, and Jules, an academic trying to learn. They’re both on Gaia, a planet well outside of our own Milky Way, because there were some creatures, the Undying, who sent a message to Earth.

Back on earth, we’ve destroyed the planet. Cities are just for scavengers, people are struggling to find clean water, and everything is a mess. But that’s why people are going to Gaia. A couple things keep everyone from moving to Gaia (not quite enough oxygen, radiation flares every couple of months, the usual), but there are ways to take trips there, and scavenge for the technology the Undying left behind, as it can power cities, and clean water.

Each of our teen heroes has a reason to be there, and they’re forced to work together to try to accomplish both of their goals. It’s an unwitting partnership if I ever read one, and it ends up working out pretty well. That is, until they find out they’ve been followed by other scavengers.

This is a pretty easy read, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable. I definitely preferred the second half to the first; I feel like once serious action starts, it doesn’t stop. While I can’t seem to find a solid date, it looks like we’re waiting until 2019 for the sequel, Undying, to be released. So, you’ve got plenty of time to read this first one!











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