Berry Berry Christmas Solid Shower Gel by Lush

Alright friends, I know this is way too late for Christmas, and far too early to just be preparing you for next year, but I finally started using my Berry Berry Christmas Solid Shower Gel, and I’m in love. This solid shower gel smells sweet and lovely, and I need you all to have plenty of time to prepare yourselves to grab it if it comes out this year.

Berry Berry Christmas has been around for the past two years at Lush. This past year, however, was it’s first year as a solid shower gel. The solid shower gels are a bit of an odd concept (why not just call it soap?), but I’d like to drop some sweet knowledge on you. Solid shower gels are better for a moisturizing lather than soaps are. While I absolutely adore the soaps at Lush, I think these solid gels are a better texture for my skin. It feels soft and squish, and has a comfort much like a liquid shower gel. It’s just solid, so you don’t have to remember to recycle!

These solid shower gels are a little bit more expensive than their liquid counterparts, but I think they’re well worth it. I really do enjoy using this, and I loved using it’s bubbly counter part too! I genuinely hope that Lush starts making more of their shower gels solid, so they can last awhile and hang out in my too-large collection.

I am loving this sweet, berry scent, and I’m sure you will too. Check out the ingredients here, and get ready for next holiday season’s Lush collection drop!


About Emily Althea

Emily is a 20-something Fangirl in love with too many fandoms. You can find her on Twitter (@DoTheFangirl) and Instagram (@emilyfangirls).
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