Olympus Bound trilogy by Jordanna Max Brodksy

I both love and hate trilogies. I love them because they give us a chance to explore a world that wouldn’t be fully fleshed out in one book. I dislike them because they’re only three books and it just feels like not nearly enough time within the world created. I just finished a trilogy called the Olympus Bound trilogy by Jordanna Max Brodsky. It blends the modern world with the mythos of Ancient Greece in such a wonderful way.


Book one is called The Immortals. Please, if you go to read this trilogy, start there. Do NOT pick up the book called Olympus Bound, because though it share a title with the trilogy it is book three in the trilogy. Don’t want anyone starting at the end.

The trilogy follows the former goddess Artemis, now calling herself Selene. She lives on in modern day New York City as a private investigator who continues to protect women, just as she did as Artemis. She and her family thrive but are slowly dying out. The less mortals believe in what the gods and goddesses stood for, the less life the gods have. For instance, Apollo thrives as a young man because music – one of his attributes – lives on stronger than ever.

Selene is drawn into a murder investigation when a young woman is found dead in Central Park. Something about the murder stirs something inside Selene, and as she investigates she discovers someone knows her true identity and is trying to invoke the goddess within her.

Along the investigation she meets Theo Schultz, a professor of the ancient world who worked with and loved the murdered woman. Theo insists on joining the investigation with Selene. As they grow to know each other, Selene begins to suspect that Theo is more than he seems.

This trilogy is one of the greatest I’ve read. Each book is so compelling. Each character is both known to those who love mythology and yet also so different than expected. Everything is written with such care and precision, it’s obvious the author cares about this world she’s made. I truly hope that she gives us a little bit more, even though the three books were such a perfect amount. And Selene is such a wonderful focus of a character, you can’t help but love her.

Believe me, if you like women focused books, if you like Greek mythology, if you like mysteries, this trilogy is for you.











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