Rolling Project Pan: Update 6

It’s that time of the week again, Panning Time! I have some really exciting progress to share, so let’s just dive in!

I was making fantastic progress on my Julep lip balm…until I lost it! Luckily, I did find it, but I missed out on possible progress. Luckily, it isn’t the only lip product here!

I finally hit pan on my bronzer, friends! I have a long way to go still, as my goal with this is to get through the entire thing (this is going to take me all year). I now understand why people pan when they have too much stuff; I can’t imagine having several full size bronzers, when this is a sample and it took me this long to just hit pan. I am really excited about all of this progress, though!

I think we’re done, Better Than Sex! This mascara has been all but running out for me, and I’m honestly really proud of myself. I feel like I let my mascara get old and gross, but this one is in that almost perfect use-by date range, and I’m saying goodbye. The next mascara I’m working on is the Bad Gal BANG sample, and I’m hoping I get through it a bit faster than I got through Better Than Sex.

Eyeko is almost out of here! This sample is drying out at the tip, and it’s really frustrating. This is going to be my last pair of weeks with it, I’ll be moving on next update. But for now, it’s staying.

The other two liners haven’t changed, because I haven’t used them! Just focusing on that Eyeko until I can’t any more.

Some serious progress on my shower creams; in fact, I finished them! Well, these three at least. I really do love Lush’s Shower Creams, but I don’t need all of these tiny ones around the apartment. I’m excited that this next trio I get through will be my final ones.

There’s a third bottle hiding in there, I promise!

Lord & Berry’s eyebrow pencil isn’t something that moves incredibly fast, but I’m okay with that. I really enjoy using this product, and I feel like I have stronger brows with it. I don’t plan on over-using it, but I am enjoying using it right now. Plus it pairs well with my Chocolate Soleil Bronzer that I use in my brows!

Still making my way through this Wonder Cream. I don’t expect to be done with it all that soon; you barely need any each night. I do enjoy the routine of putting on eye cream, though. I think it’s helping to lighten the suitcases that reside beneath my eyes as well!

This. Dang. Pan. Why won’t it show up? I can’t seem to get a good photo of the dip, but it’s there, I promise you! It’s pretty sizable, but I feel like I’m getting nowhere because I don’t see pan. I know it has to be close, and once I hit pan, it will move a lot more quickly. But I’ll just keep chugging along.

I’m about half-way through my brightening cleanser, and I know I’m going to miss this one when it’s gone. It’s a beautiful wash, and I love it so dang much, that I put in an order for it last week.

Sympathy for the Skin is moving pretty quickly, and I definitely credit that to my constant use. It comes with me everywhere (in a smaller pot), and I love it. I think I’ll be done with this by the next update, which is good, because I brought a whole slew of lotions back from my parent’s place in NY (they’ve been sitting on my shelf for who knows how long).

We are still trucking with this eyeshadow. I know it won’t be an instant finish, but I can definitely see a difference, especially looking back to where it was just two weeks ago! I’m really excited to be finishing this one off, but I know I still have a couple months with it.

I’ve been focusing quite diligently on this light pink color, and I think it’s paying off. Sure, it’s still super long, and I have a ways to go, but I think it’s shrunk a bit, and I’m excited to be using it. The formula is still really creamy and lovely, and I’m glad to be focusing on it. Red, we’ll get to you.

We’re down a couple sheet masks, and that’s good! I usually use just one a week, so I’m not too surprised that I’m only down two. I’m enjoying my variety, and working on a piece that will go up soon about some of these fantastic sheet masks.

This Strobe Cream is in no hurry to get out of my collection, and again, I’m not upset about that. I will not be purchasing a full size of this when I’m done, but I do enjoy using it. I think it brightens my face wonderfully, and gives me a pretty solid prime for my eyeshadow.

Clay mask: still here. I’m a bit exhausted with this mask, and I think that’s because it takes so much to use. That’s how all clay masks are; you need to set aside time to wash your face, mask, let it dry, clean it off, and then use a toner. It’s at least an hour per use, and that’s exhausting to think about. I don’t like the way this tends to get in my hair, either, so it’s lame all around. I’m not removing it from my project, though, because I really would like to finish it.

While there isn’t any visible progress with my nail polish, I can tell you that I have exclusively used it! I like to have my nails and toenails painted at all times, and usually they’re different colors. Not anymore! I’ve only been using this Zoya polish since I rolled it in, and I feel like my hands look so professional. It’s a bit weird on my toes, because it blends in to my skin tone almost perfectly, but it feels very cohesive having the same color on all my digits. Plus, I know that Zoya is a relatively nice brand, and I want to get good use out of a fantastic product before it goes bad.

Altogether, I think this was a pretty successful couple of weeks! I’m excited to keep working and making progress. How are your projects going? Have you made any crazy progress that you’re excited about? Do you have a panning buddy? My friend texts me whenever she finishes a product, and it’s so nice to celebrate with someone!






















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