K-Beauty Haul from Riley Rose

Before I decided to go on my low-buy, I was at the mall to make a return, and stopped into this incredible store called Riley Rose.  I knew almost nothing of it, other than it looked like a candy shop and was full of bright lights. I went in and was blown away by the amount of Korean and Eastern Beauty Products that they had featured there.

Korean Beauty has taken the western world by storm. While our beauty routines tend to be intense and stripping, many Korean Beauty routines are long and focus on hydrating. Adding hydration to your skin can make it look younger, by plumping out your wrinkles and fine lines. Discovering that, people in the western beauty community have been going gaga for these products. I didn’t have much frame of reference when I went in to Riley Rose, but I knew that I wanted to try some sheet masks.

The first one that I grabbed was a hilarious (and ultimately terrifying) Gudetama sheet mask. It boasted eggs for hydration and nutrition, and a silly face, so I had to grab it. When I tried it out, I was a big fan, and I wrote an in-depth review over on Sartorial Geek.

The next ones that I grabbed were three milk masks in coffee, strawberry, and banana. I tried strawberry out first, and fell absolutely in love with the scent. All of these kind of do the same thing; they are sheet masks. But the scent is really what sets them apart. I loved the scents so dang much, that I want a whole box of these. I think coffee is my favorite, because it was the least fake smelling one, but they were all really phenomenal masks. And pro-tip: don’t use the mask and throw out the rest. Use any left over serum in the pouch as your nightly moisturizer; I found that sometimes there’s enough for three nights in there!

Lets be honest, that name is pretty dang appealing, but this mask did not deliver.  Now, I know that masking is handled differently in the Eastern countries than it is here, but I’m not interested in using one every day. It’s a bit exhausting, and I genuinely don’t have the funds. While this mask was just fine on smell and texture, it did not get rid of-, or even diminish my pores. I was bummed by that, but I’m glad I didn’t buy a bunch of these.

What girl doesn’t need to treat herself to eye patches some times? I used these for a family gathering and boy, did I love them! I use an eye cream every night, because I have multiple suitcases residing under my eyes at all times. But these patches were cool and refreshing, and helped me to put my best foot forward when I saw my family! I think the effects lasted a couple days; my eye bags weren’t all that prominent through my visit, and I felt like there was one fewer thing for me to be self conscious about.

This lip care stick is phenomenal. I’ve been using it when not working through a Project Pan lip balm, and it’s great. I love that everything about it is my favorite color, but it doesn’t follow through to the lips (so no minty-teal finish for me!). That makes it more work appropriate, which is also good.

I also grabbed this incredibly cute sticky-note holder, that sits at my work desk with me. I know it’s silly and simple, but filling my desk with cute things makes work way more fun. An instant camera themed note holder is a perfect way to add to that fun!

I’m throwing this in at the end here, because while I didn’t purchase this mask at Riley Rose, it is a Korean brand, and products from this brand can be found at Riley Rose. I got the wine sheet mask from Tony Moly, and adored it. I feel like my face was glowing when I woke up the next day, and that was an incredible look.

I’m glad I jumped out of my comfort zone with these products, and I’ll definitely be trying more eastern beauty products soon. Stick around, and we’ll see what type of stuff we can get into together, Fangirls!











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