Windmill Reusable Bubble Bar from Lush

Getting back to the incredible pile of unused lush products, I tried out the Windmill Bubble Bar the other day! I was a bit nervous about it; I didn’t have the best time with the fidget spinner (for show, anyways) and I was worried this would disappoint in the same way. 

I’m not going to lie; this barely spun. A big reason people buy lush products is because of their show. Almost all of the bath bombs promise a lovely show; with either bright simple colors, or a mix of wild color and pops. But the bubble bars don’t get as much love on the show front. And maybe that’s because it’s hard to do? This spun almost only when I started it with my finger, but that didn’t stop it from making tons of fun bubbles. 

I got a lovely green soak from this, and the perfect amount of bubbles. The green was a fantastic pale color, and even though this is an older purchase, the scent was still incredible. The Windmill bubble bar smells like greenery; it made me feel like I was in a lush field, but without all the allergies! It’s full of cypress, like, and ginger, so it’s a beautiful scent. 

I got out of the bath feeling better and soft as heck. I won’t be buying more of this anytime soon (especially since I still have a couple more uses out of this one), but if you’re able to order from the UK site, or a UK local, I suggest you check it out. 






















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