Rolling Project Pan: Update 7

Happy Memorial Day, friends and Fangirls! Since I have today off from work, I was able to be lazy about this, and wait until right now to work on this! But I haven’t been lazy with panning; I actually have some really exciting progress (and a mildly embarrassing “oops”) to share with you. So, lets dive right in!

We’re getting the “oops” out of the way early; I left my Julep lipstick at work on Friday! I have pretty significant progress, since I’ve been using it daily, but I don’t have any proof for you folks. I’m sorry about that! But I think it’ll be close to done by the next update.

Next is the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, and the pan is expanding like crazy! I’m really excited that it’s moving more quickly now, and I’m trying to focus my brushes on the panned edges, so that grows better. Either way, I’m pumped about this one, and I am sure I’ll be done with it by the end of 2018.

Bad Gal Bang! mascara is doing me better than I expected. The wand is a bit weird; it’s very different from what I’m used to with the BTS, but it’s great on my lashes! I do notice that I’m more prone to clumping with this, but the clumps can be worked out really easily.

Eyeko is gone! I finished this up a couple days after my last update, and went right into the Kat Von D liner. I wasn’t sure what to replace this with, since I couldn’t go with an eyeliner. Eventually, I decided to roll in one of the colors I use daily, Amaretto from the Chocolate Bar palette. This is an eyeshadow I use daily, with the other ones I’m panning, so I figured I should work towards hitting pan on it.

Kat Von D is…also gone?! I know you guys are going to think I’m crazy, but I had this liner for quite some time before I decided to start panning, and I didn’t realize that it was so close to being done, but my last use was today, and boy, is it dry. I really enjoy this liner, and am disappointed in Kat Von D for her current campaign, but I’m hoping that she’ll realize that the online backlash she’s receiving isn’t without cause. Anyways! I’ll be rolling in this Professional Trial Set, because I used it once and really enjoyed it. Why not just finish it off?

Ulta liner, it’s up to you! I can’t believe I’ve finally gone through both of my other eyeliners, but I’m really glad to be working my way through them. This is a pretty darn good eyeliner, I think Ulta does a great job at making high quality products for less than high end prices. This one takes a couple swipes to get the best cat-eye, but I think it’ll be good to work on it.

Alright, I’m really proud of this. I’m 2/3rds done with these mini shower creams from Lush, and I think I’d be done if the formula wasn’t different. These guys are way thicker than their older versions, and I’m really grateful. Once I finish off this Lord of Misrule, I’ll be rolling right in to my solid soaps from Lush. Because guess what? This is my last mini shower cream from Lush! And, my last travel sized shower gel in general. I’m really proud of myself for making such significant progress on my collection, and seeing my empties area grow really reinforces that. I’m proof that you can work through your products!

This eyebrow pencil isn’t showing much progress, but I’m not too worried about that. I’ve only sharpened it twice since the last update, and I don’t like over sharpening, because I don’t want to waste such a great product! I’m still enjoying it, and pairing it with my bronzer for my brows.

Still very little progress on my eye cream. I haven’t used it much because I haven’t been taking proper care of my skin lately. Not feeling well mentally, means (for me) that I stop taking care of myself physically. This leads to not caring for my face and skin, and sometimes not showering. I’m trying to use my panning goals to keep me taking care of myself, but it isn’t 100% guaranteed. I’m still trying, though.

I did it, friends. I hit pan on White Chocolate, and the pan has grown pretty wildly since I hit it! I’m really proud of myself for not giving up on this one, and though my goal at the beginning of the year was to hit pan, I’m now changing that to finishing it. I really enjoy this highlight powder, and I use it just about everywhere on my face. I think it’s great, and I’m really proud of myself.

While there’s no visible progress on my Acure exfoliator, I promise I’ve been using it daily. I do have to admit that I bought a full size of it, but I put it in my future use area, until this one is gone. I still am absolutely in love with this product, and I’m glad that I have more than just a trial size of it.

Sympathy for the Skin is gone! I finished this guy off yesterday, and did a bit of a happy dance. I love lotion, but in the long term, my hands and body felt a bit greasy when using this one. I have a replacement lotion lined up though, Cool Island Breeze Body Butter! I’m a bit nervous about using this one, because it is super old from when I lived in New York. I brought a bunch of my old skin care and beauty products down to Maryland with me, and I’m intrigued to see if they’re all usable. But, we’re starting with this one (because it’s already been used). Fingers crossed!

This pan has grown, holy cow! Since I don’t keep progress photos on my phone, I always forget how much of a difference two weeks makes. While I’m nowhere near finishing this, I bet I’ll be done with this eyeshadow in a month or two. I’m still loving it, but part of me is excited to move on to a new eye look.

Since I’ve been focusing almost exclusively on my Julep lipstick, these guys haven’t seen much love. But I have used them both a couple times this weekend. I’ve found that ColourPop lippie sticks require reapplication more often than other lipsticks. That makes them a bit easier to work through!

I didn’t do a sheet mask in these past couple of weeks. I’m planning on doing one tonight; that doesn’t help for this update, but that’s okay. Like I mentioned before, depression has been getting the best of me recently, and it isn’t always easy to focus on skincare.

This strobe cream is all but gone. I’ve been focusing it around my eyes and down my nose more than anything, and it has definitely been working for me. I think it also works well as an eyeshadow primer, and I’m grateful for that.

I’ve used this black soap mask twice in the past two weeks, and one of those times is right now. Obviously, that doesn’t make for a ton of progress, but I am glad that I’m using it.


I’m excited, because I thought there was no progress on my nail polish, but I let it settle, and you can see a bit of space at the top! I was definitely bummed about using this so often and having no results, but I’m grateful that I can see some sort of change. While this is still a bit rough (I’m not used to my nails being the same exact color for so long), I am glad to be working though it. Plus, I may use it as a base coat for more exciting colors in the future!

While things haven’t exactly been going perfectly, I’m proud of the progress I’ve made. There are some big changes here, and I’m glad to see my collection getting smaller. I feel good about seeing progress, and finishing products. What is on your project pan this year? Which items are you happy to let go of, and which are you glad to be rid of? Let us know in the comments below!











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