Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab

Y’all need to read these books. I fell pretty desperately in love with the characters in the first book, This Savage Song, and that made this book every bit more difficult and enjoyable.

I truly don’t want to go into too much detail, so I’m going to keep this relatively brief. Kate has moved to another city, and August is working with Henry Flynn to try to save people from North City. There is another, new Sunai named Soro, and they are fantastic and terrifying.

This book is about what happens when the monsters of North City band together, and the people either run in fear, are killed, or are held in buildings called fridges, awaiting their end. I’m not going to lie to you, Fangirls, this isn’t a happy book. It is, however, a hopeful book.

While I don’t want to talk too much about the plot, because every little bit is either a spoiler of the first book, or is vital to this story. But there is a point, when Soro is introduced, where I realized that Victoria Schwab is an even better author than I thought. Soro is described as,

“August had first thought of Soro as a she, though in truth, he hadn’t been sure, and when he’d finally worked up the courage to ask whether Soro considered themselves male or female, the newest member of the Flynn family had stared at him for a long moment before answering.

‘I’m a Sunai.’

That was all they said, as if the rest didn’t matter, and August supposed it didn’t.”

This felt very much like an explanation of nonbinary people, and everyone who doesn’t associate with either male or female gender. It isn’t addressed further, and Soro is referred to exclusively as Soro or they/them for the rest of the book, and I was floored. I think it wasn’t necessarily subtle, but it was a statement, where the answer wasn’t questioned, and we saw a lot of August as a person, and hopefully understand a little ourselves.

I adored this book. I have become a huge fan of Schwab’s writing, both for adult and young adult. These two books have been beyond lovely, and as I mentioned in my articles on Sartorial Geek, I couldn’t get enough of her Magic trilogy. I highly recommend checking out her work, in any way you can consume it. You will fall in love with her characters, and have a great time reading.











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