Sugar Kitten Mask from I Dew Care

I’ve talked before about Korean and Eastern Beauty; I think it’s great! There are techniques that are being used in other countries with very different purposes than what Western Beauty uses, and that’s really exciting. But this mask I bought a month or so ago, because it was a peel off mask, which is something I love. So let’s dive in!

Like I said, I love peel off masks. I think they’re a great way to clean your pores a bit, and incredibly satisfying. Who doesn’t want to try to peel your whole face off in one go?! Since I had no peel of masks at home at the time, I figured, why the heck not? Of course I tried it out as soon as I got home, and was blown away.

First off, it’s beautiful. It has that holographic shift that everyone is looking for. Plus, it’s my favorite color (mint, of course)! Putting it on was a ton of fun because of the looks, but it also smelled clean, which is a big plus. If you’re scent sensitive (scentsitive?), you may want to pop one of these open and give it a whiff before buying. But I enjoyed it! After about ten minutes, it started to feel like it could be peeled off, but I waited until we hit the full fifteen, pulled it off, and voila! My skin was a bit cleaner, but also moisturized.

I think this is a gentler, less expensive mask for those who like GlamGlow masks. I know that’s a bit statement, but this felt like a less tightening version of that, and that’s because the focus is hydration, before anything else. I think it’s worth a try, and if you’re unsure, just come to my place & we’ll have a mask / spa day together!

Again, I think this is well worth it. It’s at Ulta for only $23 (and any coupons you have should work on it). I checked Amazon to see if there was a better price, but it was more than twice Ulta’s price, at $49.99! No thank you, Amazon.












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