Self Care

While not everything can be solved by taking a bath, self care can mean different things to everyone, and it can often help in some way or another. I see self care as anything that you do exclusively for you. So, I wanted to share some things that I do to help myself!

Face Masks
I love a good face mask. I do them just for me, because I have wild combination skin and it’s something where I have to focus on me for awhile. I tend to use one of three types of masks; peel off, clay, and sheet masks. Peel off masks are great for pulling toxins out of your skin, because you literally peel them off. These are the most satisfying to use (for me). Clay masks are really good for combination skin like mine, because they pull some gross stuff out without drying your skin out. I enjoy them, but they are my least favorite type of masks that I use. Sheet masks, however, are my favorites. These are great creations that refresh and rehydrate your face.though they’re single use, there’s usually enough serum in the package for me to use as a night moisturizer for three days after. Whichever face mask you use, always remember to remove makeup and wash your face before using one. 

Baths used to be my number one for self care, but they’ve fallen back a bit. Part of that is because I moved to a far warmer climate, and the other part is because I had to take them for function when I sprained my leg, instead of for relaxation. I still think of baths as incredibly relaxing, though, because (in theory) you’re going in for you. Just taking time to soak in colorful bubbles, maybe read a bit while you’re in there. It’s a great way to force yourself to detox from social media too. Use your phone too much? Take a bath, and don’t even bring your phone into the bathroom. It’ll give you time to let your mind wander, and let you just enjoy the experience. After the summer months, I’m excited to get back into a bath. 

Now, I know there is a lot of hubbub in the US about mental health, but stick with me for a bit. I’m someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety since I was very young (my mum once told me that by the time I was 5 she was pretty sure I had depression), but I was diagnosed in 8th grade. While the diagnosis can suck, there are things you can do. I highly recommend talk or group therapy. We’re getting to the point where there are more and more options within insurance, and there are even some free (or incredibly inexpensive) places. Therapy is an important part of my self care routine, and it genuinely helps me feel better. 

Eating Clean
I don’t have a good diet. I love eating snacks and candy. But, when I was in a very long depression, my mum suggested I clean up my dietary habits for a bit, and see if it helped. It didn’t help as much as I wanted it to, but it made me do something good for myself, which ultimately, is self care. It may be worth trying, if you’re not feeling all that well. 

Another couple of things to consider; reading a book, taking time to be alone, and drinking more water. These are a couple of what I consider “quick fixes” that I feel better after doing, no matter what.

What do you do for yourself that you consider self care? I have tried a lot of things, and these are just my favorites. I hope you all have a lovely Sunday, and a good start to your week!














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