Rolling Project Pan: Update 9

Here we are, back at the Project Pan! I have been feeling really fulfilled by working on this, so I’d like to hop right into my update!

My Julep lipstick is almost gone! I kind of thought it would be done by now, but I think I have one more day of use in it. I know we’ll be done before the next update, and I’ll let you know what I’m rolling in on instagam!

I feel like this pan really isn’t moving, but I do use this almost every day! It’s still lovely, and I’m not sick of it, so that’s pretty good! I have figured out what will be taking it’s place once it’s done, even though that’s far off.

Obviously there’s no visible progress with the mascara, but it’s still going strong. I am still really enjoying it, and probably have at least another month with it.

Amaretto is getting a bit of a visible dip, but much like the White Chocolate dip, it doesn’t show well. I think that may be a Chocolate Bar problem, but it’s fine.

I’ve been using the POREfessional balm daily, and the progress I’ve made is pretty dang clear. The blotting stick, however, hasn’t been used at all. I’m going to try to be better about that this coming month.

This Ulta liner is gooooone! It is very dry and won’t even draw on my hand (in any direction), so I tossed it in my empties bag. I replaced it with the Revlon version, which is working phenomenally. I really enjoy the Revlon liner, more than the Ulta even. I think I stopped using this because Revlon isn’t cruelty free and I bought it for a look book. Since I’m not buying more of it, and I just want to use it up, I don’t feel bad about using it. It’s already been paid for, so may as well get it out of my collection!

Travel size shower gels and creams are gone! I am really proud of working through these, especially since some are so dang old. Next, I’m working my way through my solid soaps, and I’ve started with Lush’s Solid Shower Gel in Berry Berry Christmas. If you remember the review, I loved this, and I love the concept of solid shower gels. But, being a reviewer, I tend to use products for a month, review them, and then grab a new product. But no more! I looked through all of my soaps, and it’s a ton, so I have plenty to work through before buying more.

I’ve (again) only sharpened my Lord & Berry Pencil once. It works so wonderfully that I don’t need to sharpen it often, which is great. I’m in no rush to finish this, because while I do love it, I’m not planning on purchasing it until after all of my brow products are gone (I’m looking at you, NYX brow duo).

Still not much progress on the eye cream. It’s slow going on a good update, and since my mobility stinks, I don’t prioritize this at night any more. So, I rarely use it. But I’ll get there, I promise!

White Chocolate is melting away! I’ve started using Champagne (also from the Chocolate Bar palette) as a partial substitute for White Chocolate because I’m not quite ready to say goodbye. But I’m still using it daily, and a big fan. This is a great color, because it matches my skin tone perfectly (so I can use it as an all over face powder). It’ll be gone before I know it, and then we’ll be moving on!

Finally, some visible progress on my Acure facial scrub! I know it doesn’t matter too much, because I have literally the same thing in a full size for next, but I’m proud to be closer to saying goodbye to another sample sized product. I don’t think I’ll be done by the next update, but I’m guessing by the end of next month it’ll be empty.

I’m really enjoying this lotion, but I don’t use it all that frequently. Maryland is incredibly hot, and I don’t really need a lotion this thick for daily use. I’m not pulling it from the Project, but don’t be surprised if there isn’t any progress with it for quite some time. I need it to be cold enough to justify using this thick lotion!

This eyeshadow is kind of on it’s last legs. It’s basically just the rim at this point, and getting a bit more difficult to get on a brush. But I’m still loving it, and I am excited to finish my first eyeshadow!

Whoops, still didn’t touch these Lippie Sticks.

I just used one sheet mask these past couple of weeks (the gudetama one). Again, mobility makes it difficult to make treating myself a priority. I still love them, of course, and look forward to them, but I struggle to find the energy to pamper.

So long, and thanks for all the highlight, MAC! I made my way through this strobe cream, took a week off, then dove into this Glow Serum. It’s a bit dark for me; more of a gold than I’m used to. But I’ll keep trying it. I got it in one of my BirchBoxes.

Again, I struggle to move, so I struggle to pamper. I think I used this mask once, but I’m genuinely not sure. I’ve been trying to make myself do these things for myself, but it isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s better to just relax for pampering.

I did use my nail polish, though! Progress is starting to be visible, and that’s really exciting (check out the top of the Zoya lettering; you can see where I’m at there!). I feel good about making my way through a nail polish, because I have so many. I’m not bored of this nude, even though I keep thinking I will be. I’m definitely not mad at how professional it looks, and I love that it’s slightly less visible when they’re chipped (at least from a distance).


Well, we made it. I know it’s been rather brief these past couple of updates, but it isn’t always easy to talk about the same products. All the better reason to use them up!













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