Lush’s New Solid Foundation Slap Sticks

As a big fan of both Lush and cosmetics as a whole, I feel like I’m someone who should be insanely excited about this release. But sadly, I’m not. I don’t know if it’s the Lush no-buy I’ve been on this year, or the amount of anti-haul videos I watch, but I’m not about this release. So let’s talk about why. 

Lush is an incredible company. They compensate their suppliers and workers properly, they fight animal testing, and they keep their products all vegetarian and vegan. It’s fantastic! But they’re also known for limited releases; the Halloween and Christmas seasons are when I spend the most at Lush. They have makeup, even though it’s sold almost exclusively in the UK, and I’ve heard that it’s incredible. But limited release foundation rubs me the wrong way. 

Say you’re a diehard Lush fan, and you’ve been waiting for them to release the piece de resistance, a foundation. For many people, it’s the last part of their skincare and beauty routine that isn’t fulfilled by Lush. They release these foundation sticks, you get matched, and fall in love. You have a couple choices now; you can buy up a ton of these and hope they don’t expire, buy one and hope they release it as a constant product, or buy one and use it only for the most special of occasions. That’s tough. While I don’t use foundation, the makeup that I do use, I use it daily. 

A limited release foundation just doesn’t make sense to me. If I was a foundation fan, I’d probably buy up a bunch of my shade and hope that they would keep making it. But I’m not, and I won’t be buying it. I’m not throwing shade at those of us who will be buying, I just know it isn’t for me. 

I do want to take a minute, to praise the forty shades. Nylon called it the Fenty-beauty effect, and I’m so on board with that. Thanks to Rihanna, more and more companies are expanding their shade ranges, and giving women of all color more options. It blows my mind that it has taken this long, but I’m glad things are changing. 

To all of you trying to get yourself Lush Slap Sticks, may the odds be ever in your favor. And honestly? I hope it sticks around. Lush has been known to test release products as limited edition, and when they do well, the products stay. I think Lush is a fantastic company that puts effort into keeping their products good for humans, animals, and the environment. 













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