Three Months of Yume Twins

Friends and Fangirls, I love subscription boxes. So dang much. When I got a bunch of ads for Yume Twins box, I decided to sign up for a three month subscription, to see what it was all about (the super cute hedgehog plush in the first box helped convince me). I really enjoyed being a part of this subscription, and I’d like to share some of the cute stuff I got with all of you!

My first box featured a beyond adorable hedgehog plus, a tsum tsum case, a highlighter, a little ramen spoon, a Stitch bread keychain, and a precious tiny cup. I have used everything a couple times; the spoon stays at work to ration out hot cocoa, the cup and sum sum case are perfect for snacks (both at home and on the go), and the other stuff is just cute! I love how soft the hedgehog is, and the bread keychain actually smells like bread!

The second box was pet themed, so I got a Shiba Inu plush, a cat paw keychain, a dusting brush, a note pad (covered in Shibas), and a Shiba bath bomb! Again, all incredibly cute items. While I haven’t used the Shiba bath bomb yet, I’m crazy excited to. And having cute note pads makes taking notes more fun.

My third box was also phenomenal! It had a highlighter, a Melody plush, an egg boiler, a cute keychain, some sponges, and a Gudetama sticky note pad. I think it’s such an interesting combination, and I really am floored by how soft all of my plushes have been!

Altogether, I think this is a fantastic box. I love that you don’t just get cute stuff to sit on a shelf, you get cute and useful stuff! I use my highlighter every day at work, and my note pads all over the place. I think if you’re looking for a cute Japanese subscription box, this might be for you! A word of warning, though, this box takes awhile to get over to the states (as it does come from Japan), and they do not provide a tracking number. It took about 3 weeks after the “your order is coming” email for me to receive my boxes, and I am not a patient person. One of my boxes also came significantly damaged, but the only item inside that was hurt was my product explanation booklet, so they wrap things well.

If you want more information on how to get your own Yume Twins box, you can check it out here!











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