Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Fangirls, I won’t be spoiling the end of this book, but if you’re planning on reading the duology, I recommend reading the first book, The Six of Crows, before hitting that read more tab. 

The Wraith has been captured, the promised money was a lie, and Pekka Rollins is still a Barrel Boss. These are the issues we’re dealing with at the beginning of Crooked Kingdom, and Kaz Brekker is addressing all of them. 

Much like the first, this is an intense heist novel from the points if view of multiple characters. The chapters cycle through our friends Matthias, Inej, Kaz, Jesper, Wylan, and Nina as they take on a mercher and all the lies he’s told. 

I was absolutely floored by this book. It took me awhile to read, but I think a big part of that was personal, and an attachment to all of these characters. I think it was put together beautifully, and I am unsure of to read next; I don’t know what will hit me as strongly as this did. 

I really enjoyed reading this. There are tough moments, where we lose friends, but there are fantastic moments where things come together in the most unexpected ways. And like always, Kaz keeps some secrets for himself until the very end. 

I can not recommend these books enough. I will almost definitely be purchasing Bardugo’s other books, the Grishaverse trilogy, but for now, I’m glad I got to read these characters. 


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