The Incredibles II

It’s been a long time coming, Fangirls. We’ve waited years for more Incredibles; I’ve been waiting since 2004 to see what’s going on with the Underminer, and how the Parrs deal with juggling super-life and the normal stuff. So to beat the heat last weekend, we went to the movies and fell in love with the Parrs all over again.

In the Incredibles’ second film, Elastagirl takes the spotlight when a communication company wants to fight for supers to be legal again. She saves a train, realizing that there’s a big evil she’s up against; the Screen Slaver. They take over people’s minds, via screens, and end up doing some serious damage. But Elastagirl is on the case, searching and fighting to make things safe. While she’s working her spandex’ed butt off, Bob is home with the kids. He’s doing normal things; helping with homework, dealing with boy troubles, and discovering Jack Jack’s extensive powers.

This movie was a blast, and we really enjoyed it. Plus, it was prefaced by a lovely short about a mother suffering from empty nest. I had a really good time watching this, and would even be up for seeing it again! But there was one thing that really bothered me. No one knew about Jack-Jack’s powers. But I’m 99% certain that at least Helen witnessed his powers at the end of the first movie. That was distracting, but it was forgivable, as the rest of the movie was so much fun.

If yo can, check out Incredibles 2 while it’s still in theaters. There were tons of laughs and some gut wrenching moments. Plus Voyd, everyone’s favorite new superhero. I’d like to see more starring her!












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