Inner Truth Bath Melt from Lush

Friends and Fangirls, this article comes to us from the laptop of my lovely friend Nicole! She tried out a bath melt that I didn’t get a chance to, and thought it isn’t available any more, I think it’s a worthwhile read!

A few months ago I walked by Lush and saw their new campaign to teach others about becoming a trans ally. Lush created the “Inner Truth Bath Melt”, and donated 100% the proceeds to various causes, working towards creating a better world for those in the Trans community. I picked one up for myself, as well as a lovely pamphlet talking about what it means to be trans, and found a new favorite bath melt!

The inner truth has a strong scent of citrus, right off the bat you can tell that it contains orange oil which is great for brightening up the skin and making you feel more energized! When I placed the bath melt in the water, the vibrant pinks and blues melted together into a soft lavender color. This bath melt’s secondary main ingredient is cocoa butter, which made the water feel soft to the touch and made my skin feel silky smooth! The orange oil made it so that the water didn’t feel oily, like some products with cocoa butter tend to do, which made this the perfect bath!

Unfortunately this campaign is over, but if it ever returns, I highly suggest trying it out for yourself!

If you liked this (which I’m sure you did), I highly recommend checking out Nicole’s work! Her Twitter, Instagram, and website are all listed here, and she’s an artist who’s definitely worth following. Remember that we can all be allies, just like we can all take baths!













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